How to be a good father

Nobody knows how to be a good father. The turning point that every man can give to fatherhood depends in fact on many factors. For example, whether or not it is planned, or even whether the child is a blood descendant or an adopted one.

However, beyond these conditions, fatherhood plays a very important role in raising children and its good development. For this reason, in this article we share some tips to be a better father.

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The definition of fatherhood is very simple: it is being a father. This condition is one of the important axes within the male identity. Depending on the culture and the gender roles within each, the father bonds with his son.

In addition, it also performs certain functions to meet your child’s needs. We must define that mothers are needed for their children, but Parents are also a fundamental key in the family.

As indicated an article published in 2009 in the journal Scientific Psychology, parenting involves multiple relationships and areas of parenting which will help the child to develop in an integral way. These relationships include the following:

  • Love, care and education
  • driving and steering
  • game and fun
  • Authority
  • mutual learning
  • identity formation
  • Social skills and competences
  • Values ​​and beliefs

What to do to be a good father

Surely, there are thousands of ways you can establish and nurture the relationship with your child from an early age and share his education with your partner.

In this article, we share some tips and ideas that you can apply in your life so that you can work and be a good father.

1. To be a good father, you need to express affection to them

To be a good father, you have to show affection
Affection is the cornerstone of a relationship between father and son, so it must be given special consideration.

Children seek the love and affection of their parents.. This is very important, as there are cases of young people and adults with problems related to it. This may be because their parents hid their feelings or didn’t show them affection from a young age.

They need to be heard, feel and know that they are loved.. For your children, you will be like a tower that protects them from life’s difficulties. Ask yourself: How will they approach you if they don’t see that you care about them?

In fact, it’s nice to show love to your little ones by spending time with them and doing some activities. However, nothing compares to hearing that you love them and love them in your own voice. why don’t you try it?

2. Time in quantity and quality

Remember when you were little: you probably really enjoyed the time you spent with your father, whether it was playing games, chatting or doing something else. The same will happen to your children.

For children, every minute spent with their parents doubles because, for them, that meaningful time amplifies the experience of the occasion.

Therefore, plan and take advantage of every moment to spend time with your children. Furthermore, really involve them in your activities so that you get to know and help them.

3. Get informed and learn

We have to admit it: Parents don’t know everything. For this reason, Both father and mother should be informed about the problems of raising the child. We currently enjoy more information through numerous mediums that can be of help in this aspect of life.

However, it’s important to be critical of what you read, because sometimes information can be false. Remember that there are certified specialists you can consult whenever you have any questions or problems.

4. Discipline with love

Sometimes you can miss the point of discipline a little. The advice, corrections and even punishments that are given They are needed for the little one to do well in life, not to vent anger or father’s disappointment.

So, if you’re freaking out, take some time to cool off. You don’t want to do things you might regret later. Furthermore, children, while growing and maturing, are not adults.

Never lose your mind that you are their guide. On the other hand, you have to make sure the rules you set at home are clear, fair, and reasonable.

In summary, a good father should discipline his children with love and patience, praising the good things they do. This will help them develop good behavior and character.

5. Be a good example

In general, children try to earn the love and respect of their parents. Indeed, they tend to do better when the father is at homeThey consider him an authority figure. However, authority can be lost if you don’t lead by example.

Think for a moment, would it be easy to respect a father who drinks excessively, abuses his partner or abuses people physically, verbally or psychologically? Obviously not.

On the other hand, with what moral authority could he discipline or demand compliance with certain norms if he doesn’t do it with himself? Remember that both father and mother act as guides in their children’s lives..

If you set a good example for your children, you will teach and demonstrate how to live and be fulfilled.

6. Have fun

Having a child is a big responsibility and it is normal that, as a parent, you want to do everything perfectly; but, as you well know, it is not possible.

Obviously you will make mistakes in the way of raising your children and chances are you will feel Fear. However, those feelings are more normal than you think.

Children need both father and mother and they will seek your approval, even if you think you are a bad parent. Of course, as parents. We try to be the best example that the little ones can have.

For this reason, do not grieve and do not be discouraged. Enjoy being a father, your children and learn along the way. You can become a busy parent while still having fun. Now, what will be the results in children having a stable and involved father?

The results of being a good father

Being a good father helps children
When there is good parenting, the chances of children having an enjoyable and successful development are greatly increased.

Children who have a good father have the following skills, aptitudes and attitudes:

  • Have higher levels of self-control, confidence, and social skillssuch as education and friendliness.
  • In adolescence, the chances of adopting risky behavior will decrease. These include alcohol, tobacco or drug use, premature sexual intercourse, eating disorders, antisocial behavior or dropping out of school.
  • They are more likely to become adults with a higher economic, educational and psychological level.
  • They develop a higher IQ and greater linguistic and cognitive abilities; therefore, they perform better in school.

Your children will need you

Don’t you think that being a good father not only helps you as a person to be happier, but also helps your children to enjoy life in a healthy and full way? Maybe it sounds a little difficult or complicated. However, the truth is that your children will need you in spite of everything.

As you have seen, one of the essential ingredients is love and being a good husband. You will definitely need to learn more along the way but if you have the right attitude you will be successful. You will see that it is possible to be a good father.

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