How to celebrate the golden wedding

Golden weddings are, without a doubt, a very special moment that not all couples are lucky enough to be able to enjoy. Fifty years together is truly a lifetime. And the celebration must be worthy of the occasion.

Recipients will want to remember the special moments they have experienced over the years, such as their wedding day, the birth of their children, etc. It must be a very emotional party, full of memories, nostalgia and love.. The preparation for this event can, in itself, be a good time for the family.

Next, we’ll look at some ideas on how to celebrate your golden wedding anniversary.

golden wedding

the guest list

Most likely after fifty years of marriage a couple formed a large familywith children, grandchildren and even, perhaps, great-grandchildren.

All members of this wonderful family will of course be the first guests of the celebration.. And they may not be few: the number can be impressive if you add up the pairs of each.

Build the guest list

Surely there will also be other relatives such as brothers, nephews, etc., as well as the occasional special friend who has accompanied the couple on their journey. With this list, you’ll already have more than enough guests to make the party a success. The idea is that the honorees are surrounded by their loved ones.

The place

Depending on the number of guests, the golden wedding can be celebrated in many places. If there are not many, it can also be done in a special restaurant and enjoy a beautiful evening surrounded by the most intimate circle.

When the couple or a family member has a house large enough, such as with a patio, they can also rent a service of catering and organize the celebration in your space.

For slightly larger celebrations there is also the choice of wedding halls. These places offer the full service for this type of occasion.. You won’t have to worry about anything, just choose the menu and agree on some details, but they’ll take care of everything.

The renewal of vows

Many couples, when celebrating their golden wedding, decide to renew their promises, that is, remarry. Often they do this with a conventional religious ceremony. But you can also opt for a more intimate renewal of vows where someone close to you officiates the ceremony.

The costumes that the bride and groom will wear for this ceremony must also be very special. It can be very exciting, if the clothes from the first marriage are kept, use them again carrying out, of course, the repairs of the case.

maybe that’s a good idea use some accessories it seems What were they wearing that day?such as cufflinks in the case of men or some jewels in the case of women.

Renewal of vows can also be a good opportunity to renew covenants. There are currently a large number of wedding ring designs that can complement the first ring that was put on your finger fifty years ago.

Memories of life together

Golden weddings are celebrated in various ways.
Dedicating some space to celebrate a life together is essential to commemorate the golden wedding anniversary.

The memories of these fifty years of life together are, without a doubt, the most emotional part of the celebration of the golden wedding. The children of the couple or a close relative should be instructed to collect as much information as possible and memories such as photographs, videos, letters, etc. to display at the party.

It is possible that some of the guests have memories of anecdotes related to the couple who want to share during the celebration. These moments filled with nostalgia and love are often unforgettable. Also, to remember that special moment, it is important to hire a good photographer who can document the event.

A second honeymoon after the golden wedding

Finally, after the party to celebrate the golden wedding, the bride and groom can choose to take a little trip. It would be like a second honeymoon. Many married couples decide to return to the same place where they honeymooned the first time.

However, depending on the destination, this is not always possible due to age and possible complications related to distance or other difficulties.. The important thing is to choose a special place that both spouses like very much and where they feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

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