How to keep your clothes smelling good in your closet

How annoying it is to change clothing plans at the last minute because the pieces smell funny. It’s more common than you think, and it happens when you don’t take steps to keep your clothes smelling good in your closet.

A musty or rancid smell, which indicates that the clothes have been stored for a long time, It manages to soak into the tissues and makes it impossible to use due to health problems. This is because moth larvae, dust mites and mold may have attached themselves to clothing.

It is useless to put the clothes in the washing machine and add quantities of detergent and conditioner if when they are dry they will return to the same place where they got the smell. The appropriate thing is to approach the problem from inside the closet, that is, to ensure that the wardrobe offers a pleasant fragrance. Let’s find out how to get it.

Why do clothes lose their fresh scent in the closet?

Several factors influence the aromas that clothes acquire in the wardrobe. While they are often related to poor washing technique, incomplete drying, or body odor, storage conditions are likely to influence them.

The size of the wardrobe, the number of crowded suits and the lack of thorough cleaning they also intervene in the retention of odors in fabrics. Likewise, the walls and corners of the wardrobe without periodic and thorough maintenance are ideal habitats for the proliferation of mold. Regardless of whether it is a changing room or a simple wardrobe, a method that contributes to better air circulation should be adapted.

Methods to keep the clothes smelling good in the closet

When the wardrobe is small and you have a lot of clothes, taking out the seasonal items and putting them in other drawers reduces the volume and, therefore, the smell.

Likewise, Promotes that clothes are completely clean and dry before putting them in the closet. Airtight organizers act as a shelter from dust and moths, as well as protect delicately crafted garments.

Automatic air fresheners and potpourri bags of dried flowers keep the closet smelling fresh. It is also valid for applying other tricks.

Essential oils to smell fresh in the wardrobe

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Essential oils can help keep your closet smelling good.

Various investigations have demonstrated the usefulness of essential oils in perfumery. This is due to the olfactory quality of these substances, which also favors their use in fragrances for laundry detergents, according to points Magazine Disarm.

Freshen odors by placing it in a corner of the wardrobe a paper towel or a ball of wool, in both cases moistened with 5 drops of oil. Opt for scents like cedar or lavender as they counteract odors and repel moths.

Deodorize your closet

Remove all the clothes you have in your closet and deodorize them. Because of this, Vacuum all the dust, then spray on the neutraliser. When the space is dry and airy, you can put the clothes back in. Air fresheners are available at any household cleaning supply store; but homemade recipes are just as effective as commercial ones.

Enter the baking soda

Baking soda has beneficial properties in the home. In fact, a publication of the National Center for Biotechnology Information points out the action of this powder in cleaning solutions.

On the other, an experiment disclosed by the US National Library of Medicine determined That sodium bicarbonate has an excellent disinfectant activity, prevent complications from microorganisms formed in moisture.

Only fill a cup with 3 tablespoons of powder and let it act in a corner of the wardrobe or in a part where there is no risk of spilling it. Neutralization lasts up to 2 months; then, ease the compound.

Keep your closet smelling fresh with activated charcoal sachets

Medical News Today to qualify He activated carbon as an absorbent of odors and harmful gases, appropriate to adjust the humidity in excess or in micro levels. It is often used in refrigerators and inside footwear; even in the closet it acts as a deodorant.

A couple of tablespoons of powdered activated charcoal is what you need to keep your wardrobe fresh. such as baking soda, It goes in a container or inside bags placed where it won’t stain your clothes. Half an hour after its incorporation, the odor aspiration would begin.

use cedar

Red cedar is a flavoring par excellence, points out THE Science and Man magazine. The publication highlights how easy this wood is to work with, which is why it is commonly used in joinery.

Add points your own earthy scent and its moisture wicking properties. Hence, closets constructed with cedar are the ideal alternative to prevent the generation of unpleasant odors.

The cost of this furniture could mean a lock; but it is not essential to spend for a wardrobe made with this wood. Cedar hanger or small blocks of material perform the same function.

Camouflage soap bars

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You can make your own little bars of soap to perfume your clothes.

Scented soaps to your liking remove rancid notes from clothes. The way to use them is wrapping the pills with a thin cloth so that the aroma comes out of it and covers the area.

cotton balls

Take some cotton balls and wet them with essential oil or perfume; The next thing is to place them in a glass jar whose mouth you cover with a thin net or cloth. Every month get rid of those balls and add new ones.

You can also purchase unwanted odor eliminating spheres. They are used to put in wardrobes, inside shoes or in drawers and are antibacterial. There are many fragrances; However, the most frequent for their absorption capacity are those of tea tree, green apple and bicarbonate.

invest in technology

When your budget allows, investing in a dehumidifier is a good idea. These artifacts prevent bad odors by eliminating humidity, they prevent the establishment of moths and hinder the formation of fungi. Air conditioned storage systems are listed as an alternative, although they come with a higher cost.

How to restore the fresh scent to clothes stored in the wardrobe for a long time?

If you have reached this information, when your clothes have already acquired a storage smell, we advise you Spray them with fabric freshener spray or a preparation that includes equal amounts of water and vodka. Let them air dry.

Finally, don’t rule out washing the soaked pieces in the fastest cycle of the washing machine and mixing half a glass of detergent with one of fabric softener.

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