How to know if you have an alcohol addiction

The consumption of alcoholic beverages has been popular for centuries and addiction to them is not strange.

Over time, the way these drinks have been marketed has significantly increased sales. Naturally, the number of people abusing it for one reason or another has also increased. As, it becomes a habit.

What are alcoholic beverages?

A drink is that product, in the liquid state, suitable for ingestion. Thus, the alcoholic beverage is that liquid to the composition of which it is added ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Inside alcoholic beverages two types are distinguished depending on its production process:

  • Alcoholic fermentation. This is one of the most recognized processes in the production of alcoholic beverages. Fermentation takes place in the complete absence of oxygen. Carbohydrates are processed by a microorganism. This way you can get: beer, wine or sparkling wine, among others.
  • Alcoholic distillation. For its part, distillation is a process by which alcohol and water are separated from a previously fermented liquid. Through this, drinks such as whiskey, tequila or rum, among others, are conceived.

Alcoholic beverages are used to accompany meals or celebrate in society. They also serve to enhance the flavours some foods, such as white wine.

Above all, they taste good. On the other hand, these drinks are beneficial to the body when consumed in moderation. Some of benefits best known are:

  • They increase body temperature (which is very useful in cold areas).
  • They help prevent or, failing that, eliminate gallstones.
  • Wine provides antioxidants that benefit the body, in general terms.

delicious and dangerous


Although alcoholic beverages can accompany a special night out or any other type of social gathering, they are not essential.

However, the media have promoted the false opinion that these drinks help to achieve enjoyment and relaxation. This has caused many to abandon moderation and indulge in excesses.

In other words, people forget how to have funwell-being and joy without the help of these stimulants.

choice and excuses

When a person turns to a particular alcoholic beverage on a regular basis, this can be indicative of addiction. This person will also provide an apology (for try to justify yourself to others) when asked why you drink a certain beverage so much.

Despite the fact that many addicted people may consume alcoholic beverages indiscriminately, in general, they have preferences. It can be said that they are protected in their preference.


impatience with alcoholic beverages

When a person is impatient to drink this can be an indication of addiction. For example, resorting to drinking alcohol when a meeting is approaching, the person starts drinking in advance.

Without justification to do so, beyond a strong problem of lack of control over brandy, rum, whiskey or any type of alcohol-related liquid.

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