How to make recycled paper at home and 3 ideas for using it

Recycled paper is made with an ancient technique, therefore It can be done at home to give used paper a second life.. It’s a great idea to contribute to the environment by reusing materials and having fun in the process.

And is that recycled craft paper can be used in endless crafts to reduce the environmental impact. Remember that paper is made from the cellulose of trees.

Can any type of paper be recycled?

Many people believe that it is possible to recycle all types of paper, but unfortunately this is not true. What is recycled is the cellulose it is made of. However, not all papers have the same concentration of this material.

Among the cards that can be recycled are the following:

  • Cardboard.
  • Magazines.
  • Newspapers.
  • Photocopies.
  • Advertising brochures.

Among the papers that cannot be recycled are the following:

  • Hygienic.
  • photographic.
  • Fax.
  • There was.
Newspaper to recycle.
The newspaper is recyclable. Indeed, it is usually one of the most used in this sense.

Materials for making recycled paper

Recycled paper can be produced comfortably from home and no need to request foreign materials. This activity is perfect for collaborating with the little ones in the house, as care for the environment is instilled in them.

These are the materials needed to make recycled paper:

  • sponges.
  • Hot water.
  • fine mesh
  • Bottle with spray.
  • Blender or processor.
  • Paper suitable for recycling.
  • Photo frames.
  • Pieces of sheet or thin fabric.
  • Manual press or some weight to squeeze the paper.
  • Deep container in which the frames fit together horizontally.

How to make recycled paper at home?

The manufacturing process of recycled paper It has been practiced for thousands of years due to its ease. However, although it is a simple task, some recommendations must be followed in order for the final product to be of quality.

1. Purchase or create a frame

The first step in making recycled paper is to make or buy two frames of the size we want the sheets to be. Once you have them, place one on the countertop and cover it with a piece of mesh of the same size. You have to make sure it’s taut in order to fix it.

Once the net is fixed, carefully cut off the excess and you’re done. The mold in which we will make the recycled paper is finished. You shouldn’t add the mesh to the other remaining frame, as it will serve as a cover.

Before the next step you can cut the sheet or piece of thin fabric. Just do it the same size as the frames to save time.

2. Prepare the paper pulp

To create paper pulp from scratch, first cut the paper you are going to recycle into small pieces so they dissolve faster. Subsequently, add all the paper in a large container and cover it completely with hot water.

The next day, blend or process the entire mixture until you have a smooth, lump-free consistency. You can also do this process with the help of a mortar.

3. From cellulose to recycled paper

Once we have the lump-free paper pulp, it’s time to pass it to the loom to start forming the leaves. Spread the pulp on the frame with the mesh and give it the desired thickness and size. Now go over the entire surface with a sponge to carefully remove excess moisture.

The next step is to cover the frame that has the mesh and the pulp with the thin sheet that we have previously moistened and we put the other frame that we had free on top. Shake both frames gently, making sure the pulp is evenly distributed. Finally, let it drain for a few minutes and remove the frame.

4. Release the pulp

When you have the pulp in the frame, with the size mesh you want, it’s time to remove it very carefully. Place the mold on the damp sheet, so that the pulp is in direct contact with the piece of cloth. Now, with a little bit of pressure, Transfer the new sheet of paper to the piece of paper.

Complete by removing any traces of humidity with the help of a sponge and place another piece of cloth on the sheet of recycled paper. To keep it from wrinkling or losing its shape as it dries, place a stack of books or a heavy object on top of it. You can also help yourself with a press.

5. Final details

When both the sheet and paper are completely dry, you can peel them off to reveal the new sheet you created from scratch. You will notice that the paper is slightly wavy, then you can put it inside a book to flatten it. Trim the edges if necessary.

3 ideas to make with recycled paper

There are many arts and crafts that we can make from recycled paper. It’s just a matter of letting your imagination run wild and create unique pieces that will serve us in the future.

1. Notebooks with recycled paper

One of the activities that children enjoy the most is drawing. This educational exercise not only stimulates their creativity but also entertains them as they learn.

If your children helped make recycled paper, you can make this craft so that later Put all your colorful ideas on paper.

To make the sketchbook, be sure to make the necessary sheets of recycled paper. Once everything is in place, use a piece of cardboard for the covers.

2. Photo frame in recycled paper

If you have a boring frame that needs a makeover, this idea is perfect to put into practice. It’s one of the easiest crafts, so even kids can participate. You just have to cut strips of recycled paper and roll them up to form small circles of different sizes.

Attach them to the frame in no specific order. Play with the different sizes and try not to leave any space uncovered.

If you want to take this project one step further, when you produce recycled paper you can dye it with different shades to make the finish more vibrant and eye-catching.

Waste sorting.
All recycled materials can be applied to home decoration to have a sustainable environment.

3. Recycled paper lamps

This paper lantern is very easy to make and has a unique style that will surprise all your guests. to process it you need to make fans of the same size from sheets of paper. Folding them back and forth to form the typical fan shape.

In each of the folds you have to make a hole in one of its ends, so that you can later pass a rope through said holes. Once you have all the sheets of paper folded, it’s time to join them together with the help of white glue.

Finally, when all the fans are attached, thread a string through each of the top holes and pull the string to close the top. You will have formed a classic hood. Now, You just have to fix the cap on an energy saving light bulb, so it doesn’t get so hot.

Dare to produce recycled paper at home

When we give paper a second chance to use, we help take care of the environment. Also, it’s a great idea to let your imagination fly and create various crafts while saving money.

So, now that you know how easy it is, go ahead and put it into practice. Get inspired by these ideas.

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