How to orgasm at the same time as your partner?

reach orgasm at the same time it allows the couple to rest in a sense of security and full awareness.

Some people think that if they don’t orgasm together, something is wrong. Perhaps they place too high expectations on this act e Don’t forget that it’s a physical response.

Not all organisms are created equal, nor do they respond the same way to stimulation. That is, not reaching orgasm at the same time is not a matter of lack of love or desire. One could simply consider It is an additional factor in sex, even if it is not decisive.

Likewise, knowing the great interest and value that people place in this situation, we have some tips that can help. With time for relationships, conversations about likes and fantasies, and a little practice, it’s possible.

Tips for reaching orgasm at the same time as your partner

Here are some tips to help you and your partner orgasm at the same time. Keep in mind that these are not magical solutions, but small aids which, with a good arrangement, among other issues (such as the good couple communicationfor example), it might work.

Remember that there are many factors that intervene in the sexual encounter and that, In the end, the most important thing is to clear your mind, relax and let yourself be carried away by pleasure. next to that person with whom you are intimate.

3 foods that are not good for your sex life

1. Relax into the attempt

The first condition is not being aware of the premise of ending up together. This is totally unfavorable for the whole sexual encounter especially for the person who cannot relax. Too much energy is lost in a single factor, so there is an impediment to enjoying all the sensations flowing into intimacy.

2. Offer the details to the partner

It is true that during intercourse the body speaks for itself and show the pleasure you feel. Sometimes talking in these moments can feel inappropriate or disrupt feelings. However, it is important that there is trust and details of what is happening are provided.

Report those pins and needles starting to arise it also allows the couple to manage their own times. Also, it’s exciting for them to know everything they produce with their movements.

3. Control the timing of ejaculation

Men have the ability to master the intervals of ejaculation. Take short breaks at the right time It is the most appropriate technique to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner.

How to reach orgasm.

Changing pace to devote himself to new games and constant caresses that raise the girl’s temperature is certainly a very favorable tactic. Those seconds serve to put a brake on the end and give a state of even greater desire. Moreover, It is an act that shows consideration for the other and an absolute commitment to the relationship..

The best positions to reach orgasm together

He self knowledge and the experience with that lover favor the identification of the best sexual positions. It is important to know which ones turn them on the most or which ones bring them to a climax. In one of those cuts they make, it’s essential change posture to face the last stretch.

There are positions that are considered beneficial for simultaneous orgasm. Even if they are not a guarantee, it never hurts to try. Here are two:

woman upstairs

The man should sit comfortably and she is facing forward, swiping one leg to the side. He leans gently on his genitals to start going up and down.With all that that implies.

The gazes are passionate, the bodies touch or press each other completely and the clitoris rubs against the man’s body.

The intensity will be dominated by the woman, but the gentleman can take her by the hips to guide her. Also, kissing on the rest of the body while intercourse is in progress drives them crazy.

missionary variants

If you are used to the most popular position among couples, some of its modifications are very good for reaching orgasm at the same time. While he is on top and the rocking mobilizes all the vaginal muscles, raising the legs to the shoulder produces other sensations.

the penetration is deeper and the clitoris gets extra stimulation that’s hard to stop.

Reaching orgasm at the same time is not a requirement

Successful sexual relationships are those that unite the couple, those that make them absolute accomplices and they leave within them the desire to find each other. Those that remain latent in the mind and bring to mind a smell, an image or a word of that special and extremely intimate moment.

It’s not just about reaching orgasm at the same time, but about To be Happy with all the intimate encounter.

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