How to overcome depression due to infidelity

Overcoming depression due to infidelity is difficult. Faced with a betrayal of this caliber, Most people don’t know how to behave as the trust placed in the other has been shattered.

Cheating with another person is the leading cause of divorce and separation between couples. This can lead to a variety of psychological problems. and in the family structure.

This is why many people who have suffered from this situation turn to professionals to learn how to manage it thoughts and negative feelings and know how to continue. Let’s go deeper.

Types of infidelity

Broadly, Three types of infidelity can be distinguished. Let’s see some details of each of them.

Sad woman because of her partner's infidelity

1. Those who try to avoid intimacy

This type of infidelity usually affects both members of the couple because both people are unfaithful. These cases are usually characteristic of people with bonding difficulties or attachment problems.

subjects create strong emotional barriers and they seek pleasure in a hedonistic way, fleeing intimacy and all kinds of complicity. On many occasions, they relate and bond through the fights they have.

For this reason, at the time of a deception, it usually does not affect their state of mind too much. They both made the same mistake and don’t even bother to hide it.

2. Conflict avoiders

It is the opposite case to the previous one. The traits that characterize this type of person they come from conventional families who have been strict in their standards and in which showing emotions such as anger and sadness was not well seen.

In this case, the couple does not argue. In front of the gallery are a model couplehis behavior is always correct, even if things are different at home and in private.

The infidelity of conflict avoiders It usually appears between 5 and 10 years of marriage. However, it is usually a short-lived relationship, as she ends up leaving before it becomes a conflict over the marriage.

If found out, it’s easy for the other person it suffers psychologically and they need help knowing how to overcome depression due to infidelity.

3. Exit

This type of infidelity seems to self-deceive the need to leave the current relationship. The person is aware that this bond is no longer maintained and this generates anxiety. Therefore, he has a quick fling to try and fill that emotional void.

However, this behavior ultimately causes more pain, as the unfaithful person ends up trapped in guilt and unable to face reality and fix the problem.

Overcome depression due to infidelity

Next, we explain a number of recommendations for overcoming depression due to infidelity.

1. Distinguish pain from suffering

It’s completely normal feel sad after going through a difficult situation like infidelity.

However, there is a line between pain considered normal and self-inflicted suffering. Both feelings differ in that pain does not last as long as suffering.

This is why the latter appears when we resist accepting the situation. In this way it is often said that suffering can last as long as we want.

2. Express feelings

Accept any difficult situation it’s important to let off steam. To do this, you must not hold back the emotions generated by infidelity, so talk to close people about what you think is convenient.

Opening up and letting go of the feelings you are having is the key to overcoming infidelity depression.

3. Experience the duel

Sad woman because of mourning

All difficult situations that we go through in life involve going through a mourning process, as he explains in this one investigation by a team from the Institute of Security and Social Services of the workers of the State of Mexico. During this process, we begin to assimilate the situation, experience it and, likewise, overcome it.

Therefore, it is normal to feel sadness. Indeed, to overcome the depression due to infidelity, one must take the necessary time and experience all stages of grief, involving a wide range of emotions.

4. Take care of your personal appearance

Many times when we are sad we put aside our looks and personal grooming, enter a vicious circle. You need to make a little effort to keep taking care of yourself and adjusting yourself, as this way it’s easier to feel better about yourself.

It may sound silly, but in traumatic situations like a breakup due to infidelity, there’s nothing better than battling low self-esteem.

Seek help if needed

Overcoming infidelity takes time, as it involves an adjustment period and lifestyle reformulation. Therefore, if the periods of sadness are too long, anxiety or prolonged apathy appear, it is advisable to seek outside help.

Talking to a psychologist will help overcome this difficult situation. The most important thing is to get down to business and not get caught up in the past.

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