How to prepare a cheese platter?

Cheese is one of the favorite foods of many people. It is also a healthy product, contrary to what was said until a few years ago. For this reason, we will teach you how to make a perfect cheese platter to enjoy this dairy product.

First we have to remind you of this there’s no reason to avoid full-fat cheeses. The lipids that these products concentrate are of the saturated type, but of the cis configuration. For this reason they have no inflammatory capacity nor do they increase the risk of developing complex pathologies.

Selection of products on cheese platter

It must be taken into account there is no single method for preparing the cheese platter. The important thing is to make choices that respect the harmony of the whole, as well as position those that please the diners best.

The optimal is to put at least 4 different varieties. It is convenient that some of the selected ones have a denomination of origin, which will give the final result a superior category. Likewise, it is essential that not all of them are made from cow’s milk.

Let’s describe the variables that the following cheeses may have, on which we will base ourselves to choose the constituents of the table:

  • Animal from which the milk comes: cow, goat, sheep, buffalo or mix.
  • Structure: hard, semi-hard, soft or spreadable.
  • type of bark: washed, with mold, pressed, with spices.
  • Maturation: tender, seasoned, semi-seasoned, seasoned.
  • Intensity: fresh, sweet, strong or very strong.
  • Region of origin.

It is possible to organize a cheese platter according to the following characteristics. For example, it is possible to arrange different products with increasing taste intensities. The ideal is to start with a sweet variety and finish with more aged and very aged cheeses.

cheese cut

It is important to respect the ideal cut for each type of cheese. Otherwise, the organoleptic characteristics of the product could be altered.

On the other hand, not all cheeses should be served at room temperature. Some of them acquire flavor when cold. As a general rule, It is recommended to remove the cheese from the refrigerator one hour before serving, although there are exceptions.

As for the cut, the wedge or rectangle format is the most common. If you opt for spreadable cheeses, it will be possible to put them on bread or serve them in a small bowl with the slices close together. For those with intense flavours, a finer cut is recommended.

Cheeses on a table.
Not all cheeses are the same, so it’s best to create a harmonious mix on the table.

Serving suggestions for cheese

Serving the product correctly is essential to obtain an optimal final result. In this sense, it should be noted that the chosen table must be made of wood and of large dimensions.

Sides may be offered for the main product. Some cheeses taste best when paired with other strong-flavored or sweet foods.

Among the best products to have on hand are the following:

  • Bread: bread is one of cheese’s best friends. There are many different varieties that can be chosen to make a perfect match. For example, rye goes very well with stronger flavors. It is also common to choose one made from cereals or raisins.
  • crunchy biscuits: the crunchy texture usually enhances the acceptance of most culinary preparations. Choosing a good biscuit to accompany a cheese can be a great choice.
  • Jams and compotes: in this case it is recommended that they are homemade or handmade. It’s not always necessary to accompany it with sweet varieties, but you can try sour or bitter flavors.
  • Nuts: Nuts, like walnuts, are very good friends with cheeses. They provide a crunchy touch that combines very well.

The choice of drink that accompanies the cheese platter

Mineral water is the best way to accompany meals and to ensure good hydration. There is no doubt about this. However, when preparing a cheese board you can make an exception and opt for a wine to obtain an excellent final result.

As a general rule it is advisable to choose sparkling and fresh wines that do not obscure the flavor of the cheese. Both white and cider would be excellent choices, especially to accompany more mature cheeses.

Beer lovers are in luck. It is possible to serve this drink together with a quality cheese and get a perfect match. Obviously it is advisable to choose wheat ones, leaving those with a high alcohol content for spicy and blue cheeses.

Benefits of cheese

We can’t talk about cheese platter without mentioning the benefits of including these foods in your diet. Just do it.

Improve muscle health

Cheeses are a source of proteins with a high biological value. These nutrients are essential for achieving good medium-term muscle health. An inadequate intake is related to an increased risk of sarcopenia, as evidenced by a research published in the journal International biomedical research.

Half of the protein in the diet must be of high biological value. These have all the essential amino acids and good digestibility.

Prevent bone problems

Dairy products are a source of calcium. This mineral is crucial in ensuring that adequate bone health is maintained, as evidenced by a study published in the journal Nutrients. If insufficient intake occurs during the early stages of life, the risk of osteoporosis in later life will increase.

Dairy products.
All dairy products provide calcium and protein, so they must be present in a varied diet.

decrease inflammation

As for vitamin D, it should be noted that cheese is one of the few foods that have this nutrient. It is an essential element in keeping the levels of inflammation in the body in check.

In fact, maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D in the human body is correlated with a lower risk of getting sick. So says A article published in the magazine Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders.

Prepare an excellent cheese platter to enjoy in company

If you follow the advice we have given you, you will be able to prepare an excellent cheese platter to be enjoyed in company. However, these products are highly appreciated in all parts of the world You’ll need to know the diners’ tastes to hit the varieties. The important thing is that the table is well set and that there is harmony between the cheeses chosen.

Keep in mind that including cheese in your diet is beneficial to your health. You will only have to limit the consumption of wine if it is chosen as an accompaniment. There is nothing to swallow it in a timely manner, but one should not forget that alcohol is a toxic substance.

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