How to prepare fermented cabbage juice to regulate intestinal flora

The gut microbiota is the set of healthy bacteria that participate in both the digestion process and immune and metabolic health. These microorganisms proliferate in the intestinemaintain pH balanced and create a protective barrier against infectious microbes.

There is many factors can alter your environment and, by reducing its activity, various diseases can be triggered. That is why it is essential to maintain good eating habits and, moreover, consume products probiotics.

Probiotics are fermented foods which, due to their content of bifidobacteria AND lactobacilliwhich help repopulate and strengthen the microbiota.

In this opportunity we want to share the recipe for a fermented cabbage juiceideal for improving digestive health and, among other things, preventing inflammatory problems.

Try it!

Fermented cabbage juice to regulate intestinal flora

Fermented cabbage juice is a probiotic drink made from processed cabbage leaves in water.

It is a product that allows bacteria and yeasts to concentrate present in this ingredient and helps strengthen the intestinal microbiota.

  • Its transformation into a probiotic begins when the lactobacilli of the cabbage grow which, by creating an acidic environment, facilitate the growth of future bacteria.
  • Once ingested, intestinal bacteria get a boost and, Gradually they restore the pH of the system.

Benefits of fermented cabbage juice

Fermented cabbage juice: benefits

The digestive system is one of the most benefited by fermented cabbage juice, although restoring the bacterial flora also improves other aspects of health.

  • Cabbage leaves contain isothiocyanate, a natural compound that has been attribute anticancer effects.
  • Bacteria that grow by undergoing a fermentation process reduce the presence of infectious agents and increase the response of the immune system.
  • By facilitating the work of the digestive system, it promotes the functions of the metabolism and the liver.
  • Detoxifying properties are attributed to it which help to eliminate toxins present in the blood.
  • Cabbage contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances which, once assimilated, help to protect cells and major body systems.
  • Its intake promotes cardiovascular and renal health.
  • It appears to improve physical and mental performance.
  • Inhibits the negative action of oxidative stress and, therefore, helps prevent premature aging.
  • Cabbage is satiating and low in calories, which is why it is also recommended in slimming diets.
  • Its antiviral and antimicrobial compounds help Avoid urinary infections and the intimate area.
  • It can also be used as a complementary treatment for allergies and skin infections.

How to make fermented cabbage juice?

fermented cabbage juice

Fermented cabbage juice is a product that not to be confused with sauerkraut (another probiotic with kale) and neither with kale leaf water.

For this juice only the leaves of the vegetable and the water are used, and everything is processed before starting the fermentation.

It is a recipe that can be consumed anytime as a supplement to improve health. likewise, too It can be prepared to relieve digestive disorders or infections.


  • 1 green cabbage
  • 2 cups of water (500ml)


  • Mixer
  • Glass jar
  • plastic film


  • Cut the green cabbage into strips and put it in the blender glass.
  • Add the cups of water and process until everything is well integrated.
  • After you get the juice, pour it into a glass jar and cover it with a piece of cling film.
  • Make sure you cover it tightly so it doesn’t come into contact with air.
  • Next, bring it to room temperature in a dry, dark place and let it ferment for 3 days.

mode of consumption

  • Eat half a cup of cabbage juice on an empty stomach for 4 to 5 days.
  • In case of digestive problems, take the drink 3 times a day.
  • Prepare the recipe at least once a month to make the most of its benefits.

Ready to try this probiotic food? If you have not yet used your properties, Go ahead and prepare it and include it in your regular diet. It may not taste great, but it’s worth taking for its benefits.

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