How to prepare the garden for the arrival of summer

Spring gives way to summer and flowers. The scents and colors it leaves us prepare to reach their peak in the new season. High temperatures and long days invite us to spend more time outdoors. The patio becomes the most attractive place in the house. That’s why we’re going to look at how to prepare your garden for the arrival of summer and thus enjoy these months.

The idea is to make this outdoor space a practical place and a social and family meeting place. We will talk about the systems, furnishings and other aspects that make a correct enrollment of the area.

Observation and cleaning: the first step

Our first proposal is this take the time to look at the plants, grass, furniture, light fixtures and everything you have in the garden. The idea is to make a sort of diagnosis on which aspects and elements need to be worked on.

Once you know the conditions of the area, the ideal would be to establish an order of priorities to work on. In general, plants and grass are at the top of activity lists. That’s because the work you do, like planting or pruning, takes time to get noticed.

Maintain the garden lawn in the summer.
Summer lawn maintenance takes a long time. Its growth is faster, but it is also at risk of sunburn.

Plant pruning and soil conditioning

We know that during the spring, plants feed and grow considerably. Also, if you don’t maintain your garden regularly, chances are it is overgrown and needs pruning.

Start by removing dead branches, leaves that don’t look good, withered flowers and the parts of the plant you notice have completed their cycle. By removing what it no longer needs, the nutrients will be distributed better and the plant will gain more strength.

If you notice pests, waste no time and get rid of them before they spread to other species in the garden and you have to get rid of more plants than initially calculated.

As for the grass, besides cutting it, it is essential to remove weeds They spread with alarming ease.. Each variety of grass requires special care, so make sure you’re doing the right thing depending on what you have in the garden.

In areas where the grass has dried out, small wells can be made and filled with fertilized black earth. If possible, take the opportunity to sow seeds on the soil you have put in so that the new grass grows more vigorously.

Summer flowers – the best way to prepare your garden

Now that the plants are pruned and free from pests, it’s time to plan what kind of flowers you’ll be placing and in which areas. The color and the aroma will give it a special touch. that you can’t miss.

Flowerbeds that delimit the fences, colored lines that are found on the sides of the paths, flowers combined with cacti and succulents and even vases placed in strategic places will give life to the place.

There are many species that are ideal for summer, such as orchids, hyacinth, lavender and lily. Choosing one variety or another will depend on the spaces you want to fill and the shade or sun they receive. These two factors are essential in the choice.

garden furniture

Outdoor furniture must be in good condition for the arrival of summer, otherwise it will negatively affect the overall look. In reality, the condition of the furniture varies depending on the material from which it is made.

Wood is widely used for exteriors because blends into the environment naturally and looks great, especially when combined with iron. It is recommended to carry out maintenance every year. Humidity, rain and sun wear out.

Paths in a summer garden.
If you have paths in your garden, make sure the boundaries are well marked, free of weeds and with summer fruit.

Accessories that beautify

Gradually the garden takes shape and color and already makes you want to enjoy it. If you believe something may be missing, we believe it invest in an accessory or decorative element it could be a good idea.

One of the options are armchairs with well-padded cushions, which invite you to relax. You can mount them in the gallery, in the shade of a tree or in a pergola.

Pergolas is another one of our suggestions. In addition to giving your garden an elegant and exclusive personality, it is another space that you can use for meetings.

Finally, at this point we will include lighting, which is by no means a minor detail. Good lighting, well thought out and designed, will make all the difference in evenings with friends. Lanterns, pop-up lights, stakes, and even string lights; all these alternatives will give nightlife.

It’s worth preparing your garden for the arrival of summer

We hope you can apply some of these ideas to condition your outdoor spaces for the hot season that is making itself felt. Don’t forget to make your to-do list so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do.

With patience and desire, we encourage you to work in your garden. Then all that’s left is to have fun.

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