How to safely remove gel nails at home

Are you wondering how to remove gel nails at home? For some time this nail trend has been attracting attention for the elegance and style it brings to the hands. However, As they are placed, after a while they have to be removed.

The downside is that it’s not as easy as with a traditional manicure. There are some precautions that must be taken so that their removal does not damage the nail surface. Next, we tell you all about it.

What are gel nails?

Gel nails differ from the common manicure in the products used. In this particular case, a gel polish is used that hardens with the help of a ultraviolet light lamp. Instead, traditional polish is only complemented by a protective layer of gloss.

Although the latter has the function of increasing the duration of the products, after a couple of days it starts to deteriorate. Instead, semi-permanent polish used on gel nails can last up to 15 days.

After that time, the growth of the nail begins to show, the enamel deteriorates and the shine begins to fade. In the case of false nails or acrylicthe same thing happens and small holes are produced between them and the cuticle, resulting in a messy and unkempt look.

In any case it is possible to intervene again to give them an aesthetic appearance. However, removing these products at home is not easy. Regular nail polish remover won’t work. It is also not a good idea to remove them by excessive pulling or filing.

What are gel nails?
Gel nails use semi-permanent products that cannot be removed with traditional nail polish remover.

How to remove gel nails at home?

Of course, the first option is to go to a beauty salon to have a professional do the job. But if for some reason this is not possible, there is a method to do it safely and cheaply at home.

Necessary materials

  • Nail file.
  • Acetone.
  • Cotton.
  • Aluminium sheet.
  • Cuticle pusher.
  • Vaseline or moisturizer.
  • Nail polish or calcium nail reconstruction.

Step 1. File your nails lightly

The first thing to do is file your nails to create a more porous surface and thus facilitate the penetration of the acetone. The idea is to take away the shine and softness that the polish gives it.

After removing the powder, apply petroleum jelly to the skin area, making sure it does not get on the nail. Its purpose is to provide a layer of protection to the skin to counteract the negative effects of acetone.

Step 2. Apply acetone

Once the previous step is done, your nails will be rough, dull and scratched, which is perfect. However, the color of the polish is still there, as what you have removed is the protective layer (overcoat).

Next, separate 10 small pieces of cotton and soak them in acetone. Cover your fingertips with them, as if forming a hood. If you want, you can buy the plasters that are used in the beauty salon, although the cotton ones work perfectly.

Ideally, the cotton adheres well to the nail, therefore you need to cut 10 small rectangles of aluminum foil and place each of them on your fingers, applying light pressure.

The professional variant of cotton and aluminum are special silicone thimbles filled with acetone. Dip your fingers there for the indicated time and that’s it.

Likewise, there are manicure tweezers that replace aluminum because they are the ones that hold the cotton. While these options are simpler, the cotton and aluminum dupla will give you a very good result.

Step 3. Remove the foil and cotton

Once you’ve removed all of the cotton balls, you’ll notice that the polish is still there, it’s just softened and should come off pretty much without help. Don’t rub the cotton on your nails like you would regular nail polish remover.

If there is any nail polish left, Help yourself with the cuticle pusher or orange stick to remove any debris that may be present. Press carefully from the nail bed to the end of the nail.

It is important to note that the nails are thinner and very sensitive, so we advise you to be very careful when using the cuticle pusher.

Step 4. Retrieve the nails

When you have finished removing all the remains of nail polish, wash your hands with plenty of soap and water. Apply a product to start the recovery of your nails from that moment. Proceed to cut the nails and file them before moisturizing them.

Your nails may not look as expected, so you can apply almond oil, coconut oil, or any moisturizing conditioner. Once absorbed, choose a nail polish with calcium and vitamins to keep them hydrated. The shine of the repair polish will improve its appearance.

recover the nails
After you remove your gel nails, it’s important to moisturize and use a strengthening product.

Removing gel nails at home – a good alternative

As you can see, in just four steps you can remove the manicure you did at the beauty salon. You will need very few elements —which are not expensive at all— and in about an hour you will have flawless nails again. Do you dare to try it?

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