How to treat scalp pain?

Scalp pain can be very annoying. They are experienced as excessive sensitivity in the headespecially in the fertile area of ​​the hair.

Any pull feels stronger than usual. Likewise, there is increased dryness and a lot of tension in the muscles. Itching and irritability may appear, sometimes gradually increasing.

Scalp pains sometimes appear in sectors. However, the most common thing is that the whole head hurts.

Sometimes it is a symptom that accompanies the usual headache or migraine. In fact, many times it is the trigger for them.

Why are there pains in the scalp?

Why there are pains in the scalp

The causes of scalp pain can be many. Regard a delicate area that is exposed to the action of various agents external and internal.

Among the most common causes are:

  • Inappropriate hairstyles: Keeping your hair tied up tightly for a long time can lead to scalp pain.
  • Very aggressive shampoo: Sometimes shampoo contains very strong chemicals that can affect people with very sensitive skin.
  • Unnatural Hair Loss: If the hair falls out naturally, it doesn’t cause pain. If this occurs due to other factors, such as chemotherapy, it can lead to pain in the scalp.
  • Infections caused by fungi: There are microorganisms that settle in the scalp, especially bacteria called “ringworm”, and cause pain.
  • Using narrow plug-ins: Wearing very tight caps, headbands, scarves or helmets can cause pain in the capillary area.

before taking any action To get rid of scalp pain, it is important to determine its cause.. Sometimes it is enough to suppress certain habits to end the problem.

pain treatments

pain treatments

Scalp pain brings with it a series of very annoying effects. Sometimes they cause very severe headaches, which prevent a normal routine.

They also make it very difficult to comb your hair and sometimes increased sensitivity to noise and light.

These are the main measures that need to be taken to reduce or eliminate these nuisances symptoms:

  • Change shampoo: Shampoos that contain ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate are often very irritating. It is better to choose a more natural shampoo. It is also applicable for other products that are used on hair, such as creams, gels, etc.
  • Consume foods with keratin: There is some ingredients that strengthen the scalp such as eggs, dry beans, soybeans, nuts, and kale or kale.
  • Consume foods with collagen: Scalp pain can indicate that there is a lack of collagen. This element is found in cereals, jellies, fruit jams and red fruits and vegetables.

A good alternative to treat scalp pain is massage. They are performed by making small circles with the hands above the head.

It is also advisable to use natural oil at the same time, especially lavender oil.

Some preventive measures

Some preventive measures

You don’t have to wait for pain to heal. If a person has a tendency to suffer from scalp pain, it is best to take some preventative measures.

These are some of them:

Avoid prolonged and direct contact with the sun

The sun dries out the scalp a lot. If it is necessary to be exposed to it for a long time, it is very important that adequate protection is used.

The best thing is a hat or cap with which sweating can be corrected.

Do not use oily substances

There are products with a lot of oil that are promoted as a solution for dry scalps.

However, they do more harm than good.

keep hair clean

It’s best to wash it every two days. If it is done less frequently it is important to use a shampoo soft, preferably of natural origin.

It’s also not okay to wash it too much as you can weaken your hair.

Do not wear caps and hats for a long time

Prolonged use of these items is not recommended.

It’s best to leave your hair out.

Keep your hair tools clean

This includes combs and brushes, which should always be soft. It is good to comb your hair at least in the morning and in the evening.

In this way the capillary pressure is released.

Finally, we must take this into account Constant use of a hair dryer is not recommended either. or devices that generate heat on the head.

This not only dries out the scalp but also burns the hair.

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