How to use baby oil in your beauty routine

There are products that were designed for a single purpose, but over time they are found to be useful in many ways. This is the case with baby oil, which you can add to your beauty routine.

The properties of this element are related to the benefits within the field beauty. While more research is needed to fully support efficacy as an adult cosmetic, anecdotal experiences highlight the substance’s benefits.

The argument goes that since they are manufactured to care for delicate skin like that of babies, they shouldn’t cause any harm to the elderly. On the contrary, those who have tried it comment on the moisturizing, cleansing and revitalizing properties of the formula.

What is baby oil made from?

baby oils They are hypoallergenic compounds, free from dyes, phthalates and parabens. They are basically 98% mineral oil (aka liquid paraffin OR liquid vaseline) and the remaining 2% is perfume.

However, a publication dermopharmacy exhibits that the mixture of these products is very varied, because some contain sterile light vaseline and vegetable oils with a high content of polyunsaturated fats.

Vitamins A and E, honey, aloe vera and other natural ingredients can make up the liquid. In any case, the components are selected so that the skin maintains hydration, freshness and softness.

Ways to include baby oil in your beauty routine

Thanks to its degree of purification, mineral oil is present in many cosmetics. It is assumed that it does not react with other substances that come into contact with it. It is for this reason that some people incorporate it into their beauty regimen in the following ways.

Baby oil for various uses.
Baby oil has received many different and varied uses throughout history. Some use it to remove earwax, although it’s not recommended.

Hair mask

A few drops of baby oil on the hair, depending on the volume of the hair, reduces the frizzyprotects it from the heat emitted by irons and dryers and takes care of chemicals, such as chlorine from swimming pools. It is an excellent hair mask, as it gives silkiness to the hair.

Improve dry feet

An editorial staff of Professional pharmacy indicate that flaking and cracking on the feet are caused by factors such as the following:

  • Heat.
  • Overweight.
  • extreme dryness
  • Frequent use of sandals.
  • Standing for a long time.

By applying the oil in the evening, just before going to bed, you renew the softness of the soles of your feet. Similarly, after pumice stone, rub in a touch of oil and cover your feet with socks overnight.

leg softener

Roughness and irritation after shaving the legs is smoothed out by massaging with baby oil. If you wax, it is also an effective remedy, removing hard-to-remove remains. A thin layer on the legs helps them look silky and hydrated..

make-up remover

On the use of baby oil on the skin of the face, opinions are controversial.

Although some argue that it is feasible, it is necessary to expand dermatological investigations. Some people prefer to put other mineral oil alternatives on their face.

Those who use it to remove make-up say that it does not cause any damage. They suggest soaking a cotton ball and rubbing it on your face until it is free from impurities.


Baby oil has useful ingredients, soothing sensitive dermis. This substance penetrates deeply to restore moisture. It is recommended to apply the oil after bathing, with the skin still damp, as your pores will absorb it better.

In this regard, a study reviewed by the journal Dermato-venereological act Shows That baby oil and water have a great moisturizing effect, softening the dermis and making it more flexible.

manicure complement

With this cosmetic you moisturize your cuticles so that your nails look flawless. Soften the coating with oil. Then, remove with an orange stick or tweezers to remove cuticles. This technique is perfect so as not to damage the edge of the nail.

For the eye contour

some mineral oil under eyes is good, soothing the look of bags. Massage the contour with your fingers for a couple of minutes. With a tissue or cotton ball, remove the excess.

Bags under the eyes treated with baby oil.
Bags under the eyes are difficult to remove. There are various beauty treatments that include baby oil to fix them.

Does baby oil in your beauty routine cause side effects?

Sensitive skin should avoid these types of oils, as the added fragrance may irritate them. Other effects that may occur with this liquid are as follows:

  • Allergies: While this is rare, there is the possibility of itching or redness. It’s not serious, but you can do a patch test to prevent it.
  • sunburn: there is a hypothesis regarding baby oil and its attraction of UV rays. If true, this assumption increases the possibility of cellular damage and burns.
  • Acne Breakouts: Baby oils are generally non-comedogenic, so they shouldn’t clog your pores. But this situation is likely in acne-prone skin. If your dermis has this condition, it is best to look for another oil.

Tips for using baby oil in your beauty routine

When you apply this substance to your body or hair, make sure that the amount is no more than needed for a thin layer; Thus, there will be no greasy residues or excesses that suffocate the dermis.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions. Never cover sensitive points such as the eyes. And the most important thing is that you have medical advice to bring a reliable product to your skin.

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