Humanity’s chances of avoiding the worst effects of climate change are rapidly diminishing as we enter “unchartered territory of destruction” through our failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take the necessary steps to prevent a catastrophe, says the latest climate report.

Despite intensifying warnings in recent years, governments and corporations have not changed quickly enough, according to the United in Science report.

The recent floods in Pakistan, which Pakistan’s climate minister said covered a third of the country in water, is the latest example of extreme weather ravaging areas of the globe.

Extreme climatic events, more and more frequent

The heat wave in Europe, prolonged drought in China and the US and near-famine conditions in parts of Africa would reflect these climate extremes, according to the report.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said there was “nothing natural about the new scale of these disasters”. “This is the price of humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels. The report United in Science this year shows that climate impacts are heading into uncharted territory of destruction,” Guterres added.

The UN Secretary General, concerned about climate change

The world has also failed to adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis, the report says. Guterres condemned rich countries that promised assistance to the developing world but failed to keep their promise. “It is scandalous that developed countries have failed to take adaptation seriously and have shrugged off commitments to help the developing world,” Guterres said, as quoted by The Guardian.

Tasneem Essop, chief executive of the Climate Action Network, said governments must prepare for Cop27 with action plans that reflect the urgency of the crisis.

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