Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men is a disorder characterized by the affected person stops feeling sexual needs.

In situations that would have previously increased his libido, the man hardly experiences arousal. The problem becomes apparent when the difficulties occur repeatedly and whether or not they are in a relationship.

We tell you what are some of the physical and psychological factors that occur in these cases. Obviously, Consultation with the specialist will be the first step if symptoms persist.

Concept and classification of hypoactive sexual desire in men

As we have pointed out, This alteration is based on a decrease or even absolute loss of libido by the man. In this scenario, hypoactive sexual desire takes one of two forms:

  • Primarywhich occurs if the man is not attracted to his partner, but to other people.
  • Secondary, in which the data subject does not experience any kind of sexual desire, either for the partner or sentimental partner or for anyone else.
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men

As for the evolution of the disorder, it can develop in several ways:

as a unique eventin case the man had a normalized sex drive earlier in his life, or as a chronic condition if you have never experienced arousal in natural terms.

What causes hypoactive sex drive in men?

There are various causes that can lead to hypoactive sex drive in men. As indicated by a review carried out by researchers Eric JH Meuleman and Jacques JDM Van Lankveld, among the most frequent there are, for example:

  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Hormonal deficiencies.
  • Routines within the couple.
  • Taking medications, such as antidepressants.
  • Some endocrine diseases.

However, given this variety of conditions and the habitual coexistence between them, it is often difficult to separate those whose origin is more organic from those which represent mainly psychosocial aspects.

Whatever happens, to the extent that it is possible to identify the different factors involved, the way to approach the problem will also be more precise. Let us now examine these categories of variables separately.

1. Organic variables

These causes correspond to certain chronic diseases, such as kidney, liver, heart failure or diabetes.

Couple in bed.  Woman ready to sleep, man awake.

Likewise, some changes in hormone levels also play a role, which occur to a greater extent during andropause. That is, at the time when the concentration of testosterone (male sex hormone linked to desire) begins to gradually decrease due to age.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the continuous intake of alcohol, drugs or medications is, in turn, associated with hypoactive sexual desire disorder in men.

2. Psychosocial variables

As indicated in an article by Canadian psychologist Lori A. Brotto, stress is often present in those men who show hypoactive sexual desire.

This is one of the factors that comes to carry the most weight, followed by issues directly affecting the relationship, in case the man is in one.

In this sense, communication deficits, loss of trust in the partner or sentimental partner or other conflicts within the couple are usually the main reasons.

Another psychosocial aspect to consider refers to the experience of traumatic experiences. For example, excessive repression in childhood or having been sexually abused.

On the other hand, other difficulties with sex, such as premature ejaculation or the inability to maintain an erection, also trigger feelings of frustration. Sometimes this discomfort even inhibits arousal.

What to do to deal with it?

As we can see, hypoactive sexual desire in men responds to the most diverse causes. for this and If the alteration persists, it is a priority to seek professional help.

Depending on the conditions that are being explored, each specialist, be it a doctor, a sexologist or a psychologist, will provide us with the appropriate guidelines to start a treatment appropriate to our circumstances.

The solution in these cases is possiblebut for this it will be essential to recognize the problem and seek the necessary advice to deal with the situation.

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