“I’m a lucky woman”, becomes five-grandmother at 86 years old

Grandmothers dream of being lucky enough to meet many of their future generations and pass on all their knowledge to them.. However, this is not possible in all cases due to the large time difference.

However, there are women who are rewarded by life and can fulfill the wish they have in their hearts. This is what happened to Mary Marshall, an 86-year-old Scottish grandmother who became the only penta grandmother currently in the country.

The event occurred with the birth of Nyla Ferguson, the last child in the family so far. that way, today Mary Marshall can proudly say she has 8 children and 90 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The woman told the media that the event may have occurred because the vast majority of women became pregnant around the age of 18. For this reason, the grandmothers had the opportunity to meet the new children who light the way very soon.

Maria with her youngest granddaughter.

Mary Marshall acknowledges that she is very happy because all the little ones recharge her with infinite happiness and love. Moreover, every day he can witness the growth, the vicissitudes and the development of the abilities of each of the children who steal his most sincere smiles.

In the same way she says that each of the new generations makes her feel important. WELL They give you the opportunity to tell your most relevant anecdotes, preserve family customs and pass on fundamental lessons.

The value of the family

For Mary all the children who are born are also privileged. This is due to They are surrounded by many other little ones with whom they can play, learn and feel at ease.

Large families have the luxury of sharing enriching encounters. A large number of anecdotes are told which gladden everyone’s heart because they allow them to evoke the most precious memories.

Another of the advantages that Maria recognizes in them family Many are that safety and care are promoted. Because among many people there will always be someone who cares about what happens to others.

Grandmother enjoys her granddaughter.

Maria is so happy to be able to say that she is part of a family where affection and unity reign. Because of this, Grandma hopes her health will continue to accompany her so she can continue to meet future generations.

The importance of a grandmother in the family

Grandmothers are those with a unique bond with the children in the family. WELL, they become accomplices and confidants who provide them with quality care and guide them on the best path.

Other than that, they are the number one support for their children. They provide them with the best advice on raising children and what to do to bear the great responsibility they have acquired.

Grandmothers are the joy of the family because they are that person who sees the pleasant side of all the events that happen. This is how the eldest women in the house are seen as the blessing that fills everyone with motivation.

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