Swedish armed forces have announced that they have returned to the site of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline leaks in the southern Baltic Sea to further investigate the suspicious explosions.

World leaders have described pipeline damage discovered last month in the Danish and Swedish economic zones as an act of sabotage, without saying who might be responsible. Reuters reports.

Swedish prosecutors and police completed an investigation at the scene earlier this month with the help of the Navy and Coast Guard. Both Sweden and Denmark concluded that the four leaks were caused by explosions.

Sweden resumes investigations into the Nord Stream leak

“The Swedish Armed Forces are conducting complementary seabed surveys with minesweepers this week,” the armed forces announced on Twitter on Wednesday.

“The investigation is being done at our own initiative and is not part of the police investigation.”

A Navy spokesman said the new study is expected to be completed this week.

“We do it in the national interest”

“This is really in the national military interest,” he said. “I can’t comment on what we’re looking for, why we’re there, but we felt the need to go back for further research.”

Declining gas flows from Russia, which once supplied 40 percent of Europe’s needs, have left the European Union scrambling to come together on how to respond to rising prices that have deepened the cost-of-living crisis for families and businesses.

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