Irregular sleep can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems

A good night’s sleep is essential for overall good health.. However, it’s not just important to get a certain number of hours of sleep; the regularity in the hours in which they sleep is also very relevant. Here we tell you about the relationship between irregular sleep and increased risk of cardiovascular problems.

What are cardiovascular problems?

Cardiovascular diseases are a group of different diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels. They are the leading cause of death worldwide. This means that more people die each year from one of these diseases than from any other cause.

Furthermore, due to our lifestyle and the evolution of society, the number of people suffering from one of these ailments is increasing. They are a public health problem and there are many of them Education which are performed to try to establish clearly the risk factors, so that action can be taken against them.

Some examples of cardiovascular diseases are:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke: hit
  • Heart failure

What is the importance of sleep?

As we’ve already discussed, getting good sleep, just like eating right or doing other daily activities, is essential to maintaining good health. Not resting properly has negative consequencesboth psychologically and physically.

During sleep we rest our mind and body. Our whole body takes a break in order to be one hundred percent the next day. Continuous bad rest causes us to accumulate tiredness and stress, so our body will not be able to perform all its functions correctly.

All this means that, if the situation goes on for a long time, and our body doesn’t work as it should, increase the risk of developing certain diseases, both psychological – stress or depression – and physical – cardiovascular disease and metabolic problems, above all.

sleep disturbances and cardiovascular problems
A bad night’s sleep affects our physical and psychological health

What does irregular sleep mean?

A good rest does not only imply that the number of hours of sleep is adequate. What does this mean? Which will also affect the quality of our sleep and our biological rhythms, however regular they are.

If the number of hours we sleep varies greatly from day to day, or if we go to bed and wake up at very different times during the day, we will have irregular sleep patterns. Having irregular sleep makes our body unable to get used to a rest routinethat our Heart rhythms and that the body is not functioning as it should.

Is irregular sleep related to cardiovascular problems?

The researchers of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston they held a study. They studied men aged 60 to 70 with no history of cardiovascular problems. They attached a tracking monitor, which each participant wore on their wrist, and reported bedtime, sleep duration, and time to wake up to the researchers.

Based on this information, they analyzed which participants had suffered from a cardiovascular problem and correlated it with their sleep pattern. Researchers have suggested this the risk of cardiovascular problems more than doubled in participants who did not maintain regular sleep quantity and quality.

irregular sleep affects our life
All of our daily lives are affected by irregular sleep patterns and studies suggest that our hearts are also put at risk

A good rest protects against cardiovascular problems

Many times, when it comes to preventing and treating cardiovascular disease, we focus on diet, exercise, and medications. However, we forget a part as fundamental and simple as a corrected dream.

Therefore, studying patients at cardiovascular risk also taking into account their type of sleep, and correcting it with hygiene measures, can help prevent many of these conditions. Even so, researchers continue to work on new studies that broaden the knowledge about it.

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