Is it good to eat chicken with skin on? This is what you should know

Eating chicken with skin on may not be the most appropriate when what is intended is to improve the state of body composition. And it is that this part of the animal has a high energy density, which could affect the gain of fat mass. In any case, these are good quality lipids, provided they are not subjected to high heat treatments.

The first thing to keep in mind is that chicken is one of the most consumed meats. It is convenient for its low price and has great culinary versatility. It manages to deliver a lot of high quality protein.

The nutritional value of chicken skin

Chicken skin is 32% fat. This makes its energy density high.which can make it difficult to meet a low-calorie guideline.

Now, that doesn’t mean chicken skin is bad, far from it. It is a food that provides good quality lipids, even if they are saturated.

The relationship between the consumption of these nutrients and cardiovascular risk is something that is already under discussion, according to the last tests. The only fats considered harmful are those of the trans type.

These last elements have shown increase the levels of inflammation and oxidation in the internal environment, favoring the development of chronic pathologies. For this reason they should be avoided, trying not to consume products of processed origin or subjecting lipids to very aggressive cooking.

Skinless fried chicken is unhealthy.
Frying chicken favors the appearance of trans fats, which are harmful to health.

Chicken Skin Benefits

Although chicken skin increases the energy value of the final product, it may have some health benefits. It should be noted that it reduces appetite. Fats delay gastric emptying and cause a greater feeling of fullnesswhich will also reduce anxiety about eating.

Chicken meat will always be able to provide proteins with a high biological value. These elements are essential for maintaining good muscle health. They help prevent the development of complex pathologies, such as sarcopenia, and favor the increase in lean body mass during regular exercise.

Instead, use the chicken with the skin in the various cooking methods can reduce the need to use oil, because there is already a fat medium involved. In the end, the lipid content is balanced and, if the chicken is of good quality, the good ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 will be ensured.

Chicken feeding influences its nutritional quality

It `s important to note that the type of chicken feed will affect the quality of its fatty acids. When animals live in the wild and are fed natural products, they concentrate more omega-3 and less omega-6 inside them. The maintenance of this level relationship is considered relevant for the consolidation of a good state of health, according to the a study published in The journal of nutrition.

However, it is common for chickens with lower prices to have been fattened on feed and grew up with little room for physical activity. This not only has a negative impact on its organoleptic characteristics, but also on its nutritional value.

For this reason it is always preferable to opt for free-range or organic varieties. The price is higher, but so is its quality.

Raising chickens for consumption.
The type of hatchery the chicken meat comes from will determine some of its nutritional value.

It’s okay to eat chicken with skin on

Eating chicken with skin on isn’t considered unhealthy in and of itself. Of course, it will be necessary to guarantee an energy balance in the food model. Otherwise, the fats in the product would increase our subcutaneous fat tissue.

The presence of meat in the diet is essential to cover the daily requirement of many essential nutrients. We are not only talking about proteins, but also about iron and vitamin B12.

So the widespread idea that eating chicken with the skin on is less healthy than eating it with the skin on isn’t fully supported. It will depend, above all, on the cooking method we will use. And, of course, its effects will also depend on the rest of the foods we incorporate into the dish and on the general eating pattern.

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