Nowadays, the price of a new flagship phone often exceeds 1,000 euros.

But this information should not keep you away from technology, because the alternative is as “healthy” as possible for your pocket. Looking for some cheap phonesyou might be tempted to focus only on mid-range models.

But the good news we have to give you today is that you don’t need to give up premium specifications anymore, because you have the refurbished smartphones at your fingertips, which cost much less than the new ones but keep the top features. And you won’t have to spend more than 1,000 lei, in the case of a iPhone 8e.g*.

In addition, in addition to the generous savings you can make if you use phones checked and refurbished in authorized services, your purchase will also be beneficial for the environment. We say this because a smartphone that falls into this category is basically brought back to life. Which means it no longer ends up forgotten in a drawer or, worse, in the landfill. And not only will you strengthen the ranks of those who want to reduce electronic waste, but also those of people who believe that consumerism is not the solution, but the reconditioning of devices, thus their reintroduction on the market, which automatically leads to a decrease in production.

If everything you’ve read so far sounds great to you, here’s how to choose the right refurbished phone in 2023, risk-free and with the same benefits you get when you buy a new device.

Know what you’re buying

Not all phone repair services correctly define this product category. When you buy a refurbished phone you are using a device that someone before you has used for a year, two or more. The smartphone thus ends up being resold, but not before passing through a series of demanding tests.

That is if the company you buy it from is one you can rely on. Otherwise, or when you choose to purchase it from platforms that contain ads for a wider range of products, you risk spending your money on an unverified product that may come with a number of technical issues.

Make sure you are protected

Avoid refurbished products that come with no warranty. A refurbished phone that you can trust to serve you for the next two to three years comes with a certification, which means that it has been carefully inspected by specialists. They will guarantee that the device will work flawlessly.

Keep in mind that not all sellers of second-hand smartphones adhere to the same level of quality, so it’s best to only go with companies that can offer you a warranty, a generous return policy, and an explanation of the reconditioning process that phones go through.

See what other buyers are saying

Also, look for customer reviews that have used this type of product. You can find them either on the social media pages of the refurbished phone dealers or on their websites. If any of these platforms are missing, the situation should raise questions.

Guide yourself by these suggestions when looking to buy a high-performance, but cheaper phone that you can enjoy for years to come. This way, you make sure that your investment will be a safe one and that you will be covered at all times if you simply change your mind or if you are not satisfied with the product.


*price valid at the time of writing this material.

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