Keys to having fun at work

Work occupies a large part of our life.. Not everyone is lucky enough to love their profession, but even those who do find it sometimes difficult to feel comfortable in their position.

Often, worry about a family problem, disagreement with the company culture, a desire to be promoted, or a disagreement with one’s colleagues can lead to a variety of negative emotions that prevent you from enjoying your job.

Whatever the source, the point is that you spend at least eight hours of your life in disgust and that has consequences.

Among them, the most serious is depression. That it happens is not strange. Our brain spends too many hours secreting the stress hormone cortisol, while serotonin decreases.

This affects our neurotransmitters. We begin to have negative ideas that are taking over us to the point of making it difficult for us to make decisions and our ability to understand our surroundings in a balanced way.

This is the beginning of a loop that is very difficult to stop. Therefore, the ideal is to try make changes in the way we approach our working life the moment we detect some disgust.

These techniques are easy to put into practice, especially if you take into account how complicated it can be to get out of a situation like the one we described earlier.

Therefore, we suggest that you follow the below carefully key elements to improve your professional situation.

Tips for having fun at work

Plan your schedule well

Plan your schedule well

Ideally, you should perform each activity calmly, but with some degree of tension. This way you will have the necessary stress level to have the concentration you need, but without feeling anxiety.

AS, you get rid of the boredom caused by acting slowly. Keep in mind that boredom is an enemy that we must defeat in any field, including work.

Know yourself and set priorities

Self-knowledge is vital to discerning what is important from what is urgent. It’s nice to know how you react to difficulties.

For example, there are people who work better under pressure, in which case it is desirable that they postpone more demanding tasks until now.

If the opposite happens to you, you should start with the ones that pose the most challenges. This is how you ensure success in your affairs.

Take breaks to enjoy yourself at work

Take breaks to enjoy yourself at work

Rest is essential in every aspect of life. Furthermore, it is equally convenient to disconnect from one thing to start another.

For this reason, we advise you to take advantage of that interval to eat something, talk to your colleagues, do some exercises for your back or your eyes. Each of these alternatives is very useful and beneficial to increase our productivity and well-being in our work.

establish routines

Have you noticed how many hobbies elite athletes have? It is not a mere superstition. Having a set of habits helps us focus.

They work as anchors that connect us with our functions and keep us from getting lost. THE distractions they slow down any process, which is why they give us the feeling that it never ends.

It is very difficult for us to enjoy doing something that becomes eternal. Therefore, it is best to avoid them.

Unplug from work when you’re at home

Unplug from work when you're at home

Having a satisfying private life is also essential for having fun at work. Being with family, friends or having fun alone, free from work problems is very beneficial.

All we need to relax, offset those moments of tension with others of fun. However, there are people who find it difficult to make this transition.

If this is the case for you, try exercising when you leave work. Sport is a great tool for lowering cortisol and generate the needed serotonin.

Well-being at work is a fundamental element for general health. We spend so much time on it that dealing with it with regret can have very undesirable consequences.

In this sense, it is preferable to be attentive and realize how we feel to prevent this from happening.

In this way, we not only bet on greater productivity, but also seek our happiness outside the professional environment.

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