The Gândul press group announces the launch of a new weekly show,,Back to the future with Andreea Perminova”.

The weekly show will be broadcast on the platform – belonging to the Gândul Media Network – on the CSID Facebook page and also on the YouTube channel of the publication, every Friday at 19:00.

The first edition will be broadcast on Friday, September 23, and will have as a guest the actor and producer of radio programs, Daniel Buzdugan, who celebrates his 48th birthday on the same day.

“I have always liked helping people. I’m glad I found a tool to do it. show Back to the Future aims to inspire people. It will be broadcast every Friday from 19:00 and contains two dimensions. There will be interviews with inspirational people, who will reveal to us the secrets of their success, what their mental set-up is and how they have harmonized their career and personal life. We will also have as guests people specializing in psychology, personal development, epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, and any other field I deem relevant. The latter interviews will bring effective tools through which we can improve our lives and through which we can better understand who we are and why we are. We start the show with Daniel Buzdugan, a man dear to me and the general public, a man with an infectious energy, whose anniversary we will celebrate together in the edition of Friday, September 23, at 19:00,” said Andreea Perminova.

Andreea Perminov previously worked as a TV presenter at Antena 3 and Aleph News.

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