Learn to lose to win

Nobody teaches us to learn to lose. However, they teach us to win, rack up prizes, get good grades, be better than others, etc.

But what happens when the opposite happens? We will talk unsuccessfuluseless and that we are useless. Losing is a real shame. A humiliating situation from which we tried to escape.

However, we can’t always win. It’s natural, especially when we’re facing a stronger opponent or our skills haven’t had time to improve. For example, it may not have been enough time to acquire the necessary stamina to allow us to win that game or that our opponent in that game of chess is more skilled than us.

Learning to lose in childhood

learn to lose in childhood

learning to lose is a teaching that we must be able to offer to our children little ones.

It is in childhood when we can best see how much we ask them and how they deal with loss, with failure.

Many children have a very low tolerance for frustration when they lose, either because they want to make their parents proud or because they find failure intolerable.

It is this stage of life where we must teach them to lose. TO accept that they won’t always winbecause life sometimes makes us lose in the most singular ways.

Losing is not something that just happens inside Games, at work or in relationships when we can’t get someone to date us. Losing goes much further.

As kids get past the infancy stage, they realize that life can cause you to lose loved ones or even things you’ve achieved that way, for no reason.

It is then that they can deny reality, reject it and have difficulty accepting it. All this because nobody taught him to lose.

The myths surrounding bankruptcy


Learning to lose can be very ironic for anyone who considers it a failure. An obstacle that marks people negatively.

However, we are wrong to think that we can only win. And it is that, as in everything, for white to exist, black must exist, and, therefore, to win, one must know how to lose.

We could never win if the fact that we could lose didn’t exist. However, even though we sometimes see it as something negative, it actually has many positive things. Let’s bust some myths:

  • Losing will make you a loser: The things that happen to you do not define youbut the way you handle them yes.
  • You have failed and you will never be able to achieve it again: learning to lose allows you to understand that in order to be successful, sometimes you have to fail repeatedly.
  • Losing is humiliating: The humbling thing is to lose and give up. However, getting back up and learning from your circumstances is something very valuable.

Many times, people around us tell us that we can’t do something and we fail considering they were right. However, the reason for our failure could be because we made mistakes or weren’t going in the right direction. Reflecting on this will allow us to learn and, now, take a better path.

no path is easy

two roads

As John Maxwell explains in his book The upside of failure learning to lose allows us to be aware that no path is easy. Each one has its own stones, potholes and many other obstacles that will slow us down, push us back or slow us down.

All of this has its purpose and is to teach us where we should go, at the same time it tests our strength.

we do not have Fear lose, because only thanks to this we can win. Winning because we have achieved the goal, but also because we have learned along the way.

The most valuable learning always comes in difficult times. Those that make us draw strength from where we don’t have it to realize how brave we are.

We never give up for losing once.

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