CFR Călători announced the launch, starting on Sunday, of the “Library on wheels” project in Intercity trains.

According to a press release from CFR Călători, passengers can enjoy, starting on Sunday, an interesting reading throughout the journey on Intercity trains.

Among the first titles that can be read on Intercity CFR Călători trains are: Feng Shui at work by Richard Webster, Wait, look, listen! by Ken Page and Nancy Nester, Why the Tree Has Green Leaves All the Time by Noemi Costache and more.

On which trains will the “Library on Wheels” be available?

The “Library on wheels” project will be available on IC trains, on the routes Bucharest North – Cluj Napoca (with a branch for Teiuș – Arad), Constanța – Bucharest – Brașov, Bucharest North – Constanța and Bucharest North – Suceava (with a branch for Pașcani – Iasi).

“CFR Călători supports the importance of reading and believes that the most important baggage that a person carries throughout his life is the baggage of knowledge. That’s why we encourage passengers to choose a book, read it, and before disembarking, leave the book at the specially arranged place so that all travelers can enjoy an interesting reading”, the company reports.

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