Liquid eyeliner or eye pencil, which is the best choice?

He eyeliner liquid and eyeliner represent differences that go beyond the finish and composition. They are unavoidable cosmetics in the kit of makeup why with them you transform the intensity of the gaze.

Many of the conventional eyeliner recipes contain preservatives and fragrances, but the market also offers completely organic ones, which faces with sensitive skin appreciate, as they decrease the chances of rejection of substances.

Each of the two is ideal for defining, amplifying or dramatizing the look, combining with eyeshadows, glitter and highlighters. So if both perform the same function, how do you know which one is better to apply? Keep reading.

Liquid eyeliner and eye pencil: key tools in makeup

Gold eye makeup.
With practice, you can get great results using a eyeliner liquid.

Giving color to the eye contour using liquid or pencil eyeliner is not a new trend; This is a technique that has been used for a long time, with the difference being that the product has perfected both the formulas and the tool, to simplify the application.

The tinctures of these they pigment the eyelids and collect the eyelashes, which makes it necessary to handle them comfortably and adequately, to avoid accidents in a delicate area such as the eye contour.

An analysis in the magazine offfarm to specify that the fluid version of the cosmetic has coloring agents similar to those of mascara, film-forming substances that create an elastic film on the skin and free of oils for greater fixation. For their part, the pencils have enough fat to be distributed finely and evenly.

What does liquid eyeliner offer?

He eyeliner Liquid provides an intense and precise line. Brushes are similar to a brush or a fine point marker; the liquid is contained in vials similar to those used for nail polish. It is advisable to do a test before use, as some ingredients to fix these pigments may affect the sensitivity of the eyes.

Doing makeup with this type of eyeliner requires practice and, in principle, some effort. The consistency of the product and the need to hold a brush close to the eye sometimes makes the process difficult.

The key is to paint short, fast streaks. so that the wrist has no chance of shaking. Mastering the technique lies in habit; the more you use the liquid eyeliner, the better the result will be.

This cosmetic is considered long-lasting, even on oily skin. There are waterproof ones and in the simple formula; but in both cases it is a bit complicated to remove them.

Generally, they use them to outline the upper eyelid; It is not common to use it on the tear line, but there are no contraindications either, as long as you control the technique.

Benefits of eyeliner

What is dot eyeliner?
Eye pencil is usually more recommended for people with no makeup experience.

In appearance, eye pencils are exactly the same as for writing and drawing, with the difference that their lead is quite creamy. They represent the most frequent eyeliners because they are easier to apply.

He trick Find a perfect tool in this type of eyeliner every day, as it allows you to try out as many styles as you like. If a mistake occurs while contouring, just a little micellar water or makeup remover to erase and start again.

The intensity of the color is determined by the number of passes, as the pencil generates a clearer line. The tip is removed with a profiler or with a retractable mechanism, it all depends on the format in which you buy the product.

On oily skin, the oily texture of certain eyeliner pencils is counterproductive because it might do the trick. For these dermis, eyeliners are preferable waterproof.

Also, the shelf life of such cosmetics is longer than the liquid version. Pencil blend is good for up to a year, while liquids will expire in half that time.

So which one to choose between liquid eyeliner and eye pencil?

When choosing between eyeliner liquid or eyeliner Remember the main features. The first is the one indicated when there is greater skill in tracing because the possibility of error is reduced and time would not be wasted repeating the strokes. In the case of pencils, they work perfectly for those without much experience.

Another important factor is take into account the formulation of cosmetics, so opt for the one with the least negative impact on the skin. This is because many of the dyes involved in manufacturing carry paraphenylenediamine and other allergens.

AS revision the Spanish Association of United Optometrists, it is recommended consult your doctor about less aggressive makeup alternatives for the eye contour, to avoid allergies, tearing, edema and conjunctivitis.

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