Liquid soap or bar of soap: which is better?

Removing dirt is the specific function of a liquid soap or bar of soap. flavor, provide us a feeling of freshness, toning the skin with essential oils and hydrating it are Some of the benefits that daily use can bring.

Each task is done according to the ingredients and the use for which they were designed. Years ago, maybe I don’t know taken into consideration all the advantages or disadvantages that could arise from the use of soap. So today, the stick or the liquid not only offer obvious differences, but also adapt to different needs.

What is the function of a soap?

The function of a soap is clean the dirt from the body and the environment, removing the bacteria from the largest organ which is the skin. It has been performing this function for 2000 years once the chemical synthesis, the combination of fat, water and alkali that produces it, was discovered.

There are neutral ones with glycerin for oily skin or moisturizers; even the aromatic ones that accompany relaxing therapies with fruity or floral essences. There are those who perform functions therapyEuropean UnionticTOYES or dermatological a close pores, prevent acne or blackheads.

When is one better than another?

For example, when it comes to daily baths and no skin conditions, bar soap is enough. Another thing is if we have dryness, psoriasis, skin mycosis or some dermatological disease that deserves treatment at the time of treatment. cleaning.

In these cases, as long as indicated by a specialist, the liquid works better than the bar because it contains ingredients involved in the treatment. And in case of flaking on the skin, the soap liquid, unlike THE presentation in bars, it contributes to hydration.

Liquid soap is recommended for washing your face because the bar tends to dry it out. The bar of soap has a high pH and is very alkaline compared to the pH of the skin., which is quite acidic (4 to 6). The liquid soap formula is adaptable to our skin type, oily or dry.

For hand washing, there are those who prefer liquid soap via dispenser or dispenser. It is more practical, cheaper and offers a greater sense of security than using a commonly used barre.

Aromatic soap.
The bars of soap are no longer just a white square like before. Now there are as many varieties as there are tastes.

Bar of soap

The bar of soap contains fewer ingredients than liquid soap. and no water is used in its preparation. Therefore, it needs no preservatives. In ecological terms it offers more benefits, as it is free of parabens..

It is widely believed that bacteria thrive in bars of soap. This is not true at all. They reproduce in the humidity of the soap dish, but it is sufficient to rinse it before and after use AND put it right Then on a dry surface.

The bar of soap tends to dry out the skin.but this is counteracted if we use glycerin-based soaps, which have a neutral formula.

Liquid soap

Yes we need hydration on the skinNothing like liquid soaps. These are notor clean as the bar, But help rebuild the protective barrier AND its emulsion of water and lipids. They enter various presentations.

They are more practical to use because of the dispensers that dose the quantity. Also, ccommunicationNO better the idea than AND more hygienic because it passes directly from the container to the hands, to the body or sponge.

OROne of its major drawbacks is that it isLiquid soap contains water and therefore need preservatives like parabens.

What should we take into account when choosing a soap?

It is essential to know the skin and the influence that the environment has on it. Fat or dryness decide the type of soap, as well as the ingredients and the function we want it to perform. The face, dry or oily, requires a particular one.

When the environment is hot and humid and the skin is oily, a bar of soap will provide a quick and effective cleanse.

An element that perhaps seems curious to us that influences when choosing is that we must confirm that it is soap. This performs the function of cleaning and disinfection and does it efficiently and simply. Diluted in water it eliminates bacteria and viruses. Unlike other cleaning products that advertise this feature, but contain compositions with theTOIt’s that they completely wouldn’t.

For example, hand washing is done with soap and water only. Alcohol is a good backup, but it’s not the same. If we are looking for soap, then the label should expressly say so and not contain expressions such as “cleaning bar” OR “liquid cleaner”.

Ingredients to avoid

Wash your hands with soap.
Efficient hand washing is the classic one that is done with soap and water.

The soap contains a blend of petroleum-derived cleaners, natural oils, and glucose.. There are many chemicals that are used to preserve, color, texture or perfume. In general, it is recommended watch out for glycols, parabens, perfumes, and formaldehydes.

In this regard, you will definitely find directions they recommend Avoid In the soaps the presence of parabens. Research associated with breast cancer and, albeit a lotTOYES others declare that it is not risky, the same Food and Drug Administration of the United States raises the question.

In cosmetic products there are reservations about the prolonged use of parabens. remove preservatives hypothetical risk because, Indeed, prevent growth moulds, yeasts and bacteriaYESfavorableYou From humid environments such as the bathroom.

We avoid the soaps they contain phthalates, referred to as endocrine disruptors, even in small concentrations. equally we have to deal with triclosan, a powerful antibacterial with a proven negative effect on health. At the current maximum concentration of 0.3% in all cosmetic products It is not safe for consumers as established by European regulations.

Liquid soap or bar of soap, but as long as it’s soap

to exist legislations that strength inside product packaging TO declare that it is in fact a soap and not a substitute. This is important because there cleaning bars that do not undergo the saponification process and do not act as such. Soap cleaning is irreplaceable.

Finally, if we are concerned about the exponential increase in plastic, using soap bars with or without cardboard packaging is part of the solution. and in thisAND SameOR senseSoaps made with olive or coconut oil and not palm oil are the most suitable eco-friendly options.

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