Low sex drive and impact on relationships

Sex is a fundamental part of romantic relationships, that’s why low sex drive can be a serious problem and the source of other fights, which while they may seem unrelated, arise from the lack of empathy and affinity produced by sexual dissatisfaction.

Low sex drive is a more common problem than people realize, although many couples keep it in camera. A recent study found that the 36% of women and 31% of men have low sex drivewith increments starting from the age of 40.

This problem is commonly reflected in weddings. “The typical patient says they had sex before marriage and just got married, but after a few years, for no reason, there is no more sexual desire,” explains Dr. Bruce Carr, of the University of Texas, USA.

Low sex drive doesn’t just affect the person who suffers from it and to the relationship, but also to the couple, who see their sexual desires unsatisfied, feel rejected and can see their self-esteem compromised.

What causes low sex drive?

Low sex drive can be caused by physical and psychological reasons. The stress of modern life adversely affects sexual relations. therefore, the the main causes of low sex drive are depression and fatigue.

He resentment It is another cause of low sex drive. Anger at your partner for arguing, for being too dominant, too passive, or for feeling that your partner ignores your needs, diminishes attraction and, therefore, the desire to have sex.

Old traumas, such as being sexually abused or bad experiences from the past can resurface and decreased sexual appetite, sometimes without knowing it.

Among the physical reasons is the impotence of man caused by health problemspain in the genital areas due to infection, injury, low endocrine levels, or some other factor.

When these are the causes, it is It is advisable to consult a doctor to find an appropriate treatment. because, in addition to affecting the relationship, they can also have other consequences on health.

Why is it important to regain sexual desire?

Sex is a very important part of the relationship. The feelings towards the other, and also towards oneself, depend to a large extent on the sex. Even for older couples, sex is a way of sharing, becoming intimate, and having fun together.

Some people think not having sex is okay. and that a relationship can be built on the basis of other shared activities as a couple. The truth is that if the two have the same feeling and there is sincere agreement about it, perhaps it is possible. Talking about and communicating needs is important to find solutions together.

You may think you’re fine without sex, but when you look back and remember that sex was something you enjoyed and brought the couple closer together, It’s easy to realize how important sex is to a better relationship. The daily dynamic of the relationship improves when the sexual dynamic is active and satisfying.

What to do to get rid of low sex drive?

Check with your doctor

couple in consultation
In the presence of doubts or physiological factors that prevent sex, consulting a specialist will always be the best option.

If you notice there is a physical cause, such as impotence or pain, it is always best to rule out any disease. As we have seen, some physical ailments can play an important role in sexual desire. Therefore, a medical evaluation will allow us to rule out these possibilities.

talk to your partner

Tell him your needs and ask him about his. Talking openly about failures and expectations, as well as trying to find a solution between the two, while committing to work on improving the relationship, can be the best solution to any problem.

Visit a couples therapist

The help of third parties, especially if professional, help find solutions. In this way a therapist, on a couple level and also on an individual level, will help you find the causes of low sexual desire and revive the relationship.

Find moments of intimacy with your mate

couple at dinner
Rekindling the flames and finding new moments of intimacy can start with romantic activities that you both enjoy.

Sometimes the hardest thing is taking the first step. The withdrawal routine is comfortable but dangerous. Caress your partner, seek out points of attraction, and try to lovingly force a return to those moments of intimacy.

experience new things

If your low sex drive is caused by boredom, try exploring new positions and experience unfulfilled sexual desires. Discover new sexual interests together for extra motivation.

break with fear

It could be that After a long time without having sex with their partner, they feel a little afraid to approach. Sex can feel like something strange. If so, start small. Caress each other, touch each other, penetration can be forced, but you can masturbate each other the first few times and then try intercourse.

rekindle the relationship

Certainly if the relationship is low or nonexistent in sexual activity, it is most likely low in other respects. You can get along personally, but not share other things in life that are normal as a couple. Make a date to go out to dinner or dance, plan some of those activities you enjoyed together in the past.

Bringing back common things and enjoying them together will help restore sexual attraction and desire.

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