Lumberjack style: how to match plaid shirts

One can say so lumberjack style, the most distinctive are the plaid shirts, whose prints recall a tartan skirt. They come in various colors and there are finer or thicker fabrics, for every time of year.

It’s as functional as it is versatile, since it is offers a wide range of combination possibilities. And while it has been adopted in daily use, for a it seems urban or street, they can also be used in more formal occasions and contexts.

Therefore, it should never be missing in your wardrobe. It `s important to note that works well for both men and women of any age. Next, we’ll learn more about the lumberjack style and, in particular, how to combine plaid shirts, to appear irreverent and bold, but with style.

What is the lumberjack style?

It is stated that the type of print of the so-called lumberjack shirts originates in Scottish tartans. In this country, each of the clans had its particularity, with one color or another predominant; although the most common were red and green.

As indicated in the research, between 1747 and 1782, the British Crown forbade the use of such fabrics, due to its political connotation, thinking that this would prevent rebellions and maintain greater control. Subsequently, some members of those clans decided to emigrate.

Already in North America, work clothes, especially those worn by lumberjacks, replicated the Scottish tartan motif. The first shirts with this design began to be worn in the United States in the mid-19th century.

These were garments made with thick cotton fabrics, to protect against the cold that lumberjacks must endure when they are outdoors. Subsequently, the use became popular, being adopted by various fashions throughout the 20th century and becoming a common garment in the it seems street style.

In a broad sense, the style of the lumberjack, also called lumberjack, includes full beard, use of tattoos, and somewhat rough, even scruffy appearance. Even if the characteristic element that has been adopted as a universal sign are the already mentioned plaid shirts.

How to combine plaid shirts?

The plaid shirt has long since conquered the streets. Therefore, it is one of those items that should not be missing in your wardrobe. But they are not only part of men’s clothing, they are also the favorite of many girls.

Generally, they go well with almost everything, be it a formal or informal style. Though there are a few ways to get more out of this classic. So let’s see how to combine plaid shirts to show off that lumberjack or lumberjack style.

with jeans

The combination that never hurts is the suit with trousers Jean. More than the lumberjack style, this is the cowboy outfit, especially if the shirt is short-sleeved, light fabric and has pockets on both sides.

It’s perfect for a it seems random. Although you can choose whether to wear the jersey outside or inside. And nevermind the Jean Whatever you choose, you will always look good. Best of all: it never goes out of style.

Woman in plaid shirt and lumberjack style.
Women can apply the style in combination with jeansthat never fails.

With tailored trousers and suits

While it may not look like it, a plaid shirt It can go well with tailored trousers, even with a business suit. Of course, keep these tips in mind:

  • The darker the dress, the better.
  • Try wearing a matching plain tie.
  • As for the printing of the shirt, have it in small checks and sober or cold colors.

open overshirt

This usage was popularized by the movement grungewhose most representative band was Nirvana. Precisely, Kurt Cobain (1967-1994), the vocalist of this group, used to appear in such an outfit.

Generally, it is worn outside, unbuttoned and with a shirt underneath. It can be white and printed with your favorite band. It also goes well with loose trousers and tennis shoes.

tank top

A variation of the above, sportier than grungealbeit just as casual. a is used tank top or sleeveless shirt. It’s an ideal style for summer, allowing you to go both fresh and a little formal if the occasion or place calls for it.

In that case, just button up your shirt. And if you wear it open, you can show off your figure. Make sure the shirt is solid, black or white, in the tone that best complements your plaid shirt.

Bermuda or capri

Following the trend of using this garment as an overshirt, you can combine with a Bermuda shorts or capri lighter in tone, which contrasts with the upper part. And if you want to accentuate the it seems summer, wear sandals or tennis shoes without socks.

with jacket

in style rock, a jacket is fine Jean with your plaid shirt. If you want to add more layers, wear the white tee underneath, the shirt buttoned down the middle, and then the jacket.

You can also opt for a leather jacket. In this case we recommend that the checked shirt is narrower and buttoned up to the neck.

with braces

Whether they’re short-sleeved or three-quarter length, a good complement are suspenders. In this case, the shirt must fit.

By the way, it’s a it seems very appropriate for a small child, with shorts. It will look like a lot Vintage at the same time Cold.


In true lumberjack style, the combination of plaid shirt with trousers Jean goes with some mountaineering boots. And cowboy style, of course, with matching boots. But it also supports various types of sports shoes.

caps and hats

You must choose the following:

  • capson cold days or for rap a bit.
  • Baseball capfor a more street style.
  • wide-brimmed hat guy stetsonto complete the cowboy outfit.
Colorful plaid shirts.
The colors of the lumberjack shirts come in various options to mix and match.

Skirt midis or cowgirls

Although the lumberjack style is a it seems more masculine, Plaid shirts have gained great importance in women’s aesthetics, which is one of the most sought-after options for looking casual or feeling comfortable. There are several options in this regard; for example, combine this garment with a skirt midis or with jeans cut just above the knee.


An option that is used a lot for this garment is the oversizedin dress mode. Can be integrated with shorts or miniskirt, ideal for highlighting the legs; and add some tall boots. Although, if preferred, it can be used with a superioras an overshirt, e tied at the waist, for added flair sexy.

All Season Plaid Shirt

The lumberjack style with the plaid shirt can be yours it seems At any time of the year. You can even have several of these garments in different, cooler or warmer fabrics, as well as a variety of colors.

As you have seen, you can choose from a variety of styles and, at the same time, give it your original touch by incorporating other elements, such as hats or jackets. And if you want to accentuate the lumberjack style, leave the beard, see how it goes.

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