Male sexual addiction: how it manifests itself

Satyriasis is the name given to male sexual addiction (in women it is known as nymphomania). It is a pathology in which the man only thinks about sex and sometimes he cannot carry out any other activity. In this article we tell you more about it.

What is satyriasis or hypersexuality?

Satiriosis is an uncontrollable urge for sex of any kind – relationships, masturbation, or pornography – that manifests itself in men. Both satyriasis and nymphomania are included in the unique concept of hypersexuality.

Not all psychologists and doctors agree on how addictive sex is. However, it is argued that satyriasis becomes more latent when the person is unable to perform other activities. Alone or accompanied, sex is his constant thought and desire.

What are the causes?

There is no consensus on the causes of the hypersexuality. The American Psychological Association has failed to agree between who thinks it’s an addiction and who thinks it’s a syndrome.

One theory suggests it is produced in the central part of the brain, where dopamine is produced, which activates the sensation of pleasure. Animal studies link lesions in this part of the brain with a lack of sexual satisfaction leading to a desire for more sex.

Other investigations, however, conclude that hypersexuality is linked to psychological problems, such as dysfunctional families, which cause sexual addiction.

sexual addiction problems

Such behavior usually results in social withdrawal, i.e. the individual does not go out with their friends or family members. It also causes work or professional problems, due to their lack of concentration, repeated absences from work, or dangerous attitudes towards their colleagues or clients.

Also, it’s worth noting that hypersexuality is something “secret” or “hidden” as the person does not comment on it or share it with other people.

At first, those around you think you are depressed, tired or overwhelmed with so much work. Then they see him less and less because he “takes refuge” at home and has no contact with anyone. When the disturbance is really evident it is when someone “finds out” what they do on a daily basis.

Male sexual addiction is also characterized by frequent genital stimulation, which can lead to lesions or dermal problems (such as redness of the penis).

Sex positions for when she's on top.

Emotionally, these people may feel guilty, anxious, or depressed before or after having sex. It’s the same thing that happens when someone is addicted to a drug: he finds peace of mind and well-being only by consuming it; the rest of the time it is miserable.

Male Sexual Addiction: It’s not the same as enjoying sex

Many people confuse satyriasis with pleasure from sexual intercourse or self-satisfaction. However, it is included in obsessive-compulsive disorder and, therefore, cannot be controlled or directed.

This means that the sex addict cannot develop a normal life, since all his thoughts are directed to him. sexual enjoyment.

As We must not confuse this with a very active and healthy sex life.. Satiriosis is something more serious or profound and its origin is the lack of satisfaction with oneself.

A person addicted to sex doesn’t feel happy in whatever he does (work, partner, etc.) and needs certain stimuli to feel good. In the beginning you can find that joy in a pornographic film and masturbation. So he will look for more casual partners to have sex with and more frequently than normal.

But it won’t stop there, because as time goes by you’ll need more and more stimuli to feel good. And that feeling will be as ephemeral as the duration of sex. That is why there will be no other thoughts appearing in your mind. When you are not receiving sexual pleasure, you will be depressed and anxious… Therefore, you will continually seek goals to satisfy that need.

What to do if you suffer from satyrosis

It is very important to determine when you go from enjoying sex to being addicted to it. The more time passes without accepting that you have a problem, the harder it will be to recover or heal. An addiction, whatever it is, requires a lot of commitment on the part of the person who suffers from it. And it is also essential that those around her serve as support and containment.

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