On Friday, the meteorologists issued a weather information of precipitation, snow and wind intensification, valid until Monday, at 18.00.

According to ANM, in the mentioned interval, temporarily, it will rain in most parts of the country, and through accumulation, water quantities will locally exceed 20-30 l/m2 and isolated 40-50 l/m2, mainly in hilly and mountainous areas from the west and southwest.

In the northern half of Moldova, mixed precipitation will be reported – on the night of Friday to Saturday and predominantly in the form of snow – starting from the night of Saturday to Sunday, where a layer of snow will be deposited locally. There will be dust in places.

Where will the snow prevail?

At first in the north of the Eastern Carpathians, then in places and in the rest of the high mountain area, snow will prevail and a new layer of snow will be deposited.

Temporarily, the wind will show intensification in the mountains, especially on the ridges, where the gusts will exceed 80-90 km/h, especially during the night from Friday to Saturday, but locally and in the low relief areas, with speeds in general of 45-55 km/h.

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