Microfibre: what is it and why is it good for cleaning?

Microfiber is a type of synthetic fabric that has become very popular in recent years due to its properties. It is used to manufacture various kinds of products, such as towels, sheets and cleaning fabrics. In this article we will tell you more about this material, its properties, care and how to get the most out of it in your home.

Microfiber is usually made from polyester, polyamide or nylon. Usually these materials are combined. Today it is one of the best materials for cleaning the house.

Microfiber feature

Microfiber is a type of fabric made from very fine fibers of 1 dtex in Europe and less than 1 denier in the United States. To exemplify, her locks are much thinner than human hair. For this reason it has different properties compared to other fabrics.

Microfiber fabrics have multiple applications. He Bulletin Texter of the Institute of Textile Research and Industrial Cooperation indicates that its raison d’ĂȘtre consists in the possibility of creating finished garments more in line with the prevailing fashion, with flexibility, softness and fluffiness.

Advantages of cleaning with microfiber towels

As we have already mentioned, Microfibre has very fine threads which make it a very soft material. Because of this, it usually won’t scratch surfaces. In this respect, it is also advantageous that it can be used both wet and dry. In fact, when no applied product is used, it also captures dust and dirt very well, which easily adhere to its fibers.

On the other hand, being composed of such small fibers, it is very effective for disinfection processes, as it allows bacteria and germs to be easily captured. According to the seller’s specifications, they can help eliminate up to 99% of bacteria like a magnet. In this case, it can also be combined with bleach or alcohol.

Another of its advantages is that it usually doesn’t wear down as quickly with use. Its properties anti pilling They prevent it from deforming or turning into balls.

As for their care, they have the great advantage that they wash very easily and dry quickly. These factors save time and money.

Microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses.
Glasses should ideally be cleaned with microfiber fabrics that won’t scratch the lenses.

Uses of microfiber towels

Microfiber towels or cloths have many uses in household cleaning. Later we will talk about those in which it generates the greatest benefits.

clean screens

Microfiber is the best material for cleaning electronic devices. Especially the flat screens of televisions, mobile phones and computers. It allows you to clean firmly to remove marked fingers and dirt without generating scratches.

To clean the car

In general, when you own a car, you always think about taking care of its paintwork from scratches. However, it’s hard to know how to care for them.

In this sense, microfiber towels are an excellent solution, as they have they do not cause any type of scratch or leave marks. The ideal is to use a specialized car product and wipe it with a towel to leave it shiny.

dry crystals

Anyone with large windows or glass doors in their home knows how difficult it can be to keep them free of dirt. One of the biggest challenges is drying them after washing them with glass cleaner or soap and water.

Traditional towels and washcloths often leave lint and marks. However, the microfiber allows it to dry easily and leave no traces.

Cleaning wooden floors

When you have laminate wood floors, you need to give them special care to keep them shiny and scratch-free. Applying wood care products with a microfiber towel is a great idea, as it allows for easy polishing. Furthermore, thanks to its absorbent power, it does not leave humidity.


Truly, Microfiber is a good quality material for household cleaning. Thus, its use can be given in different environments, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living rooms and bedrooms.

They are great for removing dust. However, they are usually highly flammable, so they may not be the most recommended for stovetop use.

How to wash microfiber towels?

We have already talked about the benefits of microfiber towels for household cleaning. Being such a good tool, they need proper care.

First of all, it is convenient to shake them after cleaning to remove the remnants of dirt, grains and dust. Also, they can be run through hot water to help remove dirt.

However, for a deeper wash it is advisable to rub the cloth well with the detergent. In case you use it to clean the kitchen, it is most likely that it has accumulated grease.

Furthermore, It is convenient to use hot water and leave the cloth to soak so that the dirt comes off. You can wash it in the washing machine. However, it is advisable to avoid the use of fabric softener because it tends to damage the fibres.

The fabric softener is not suitable for microfibre.
Fabric softeners are capable of damaging the structure of microfiber fabrics, so they are not recommended.

Tips for buying microfiber towels

You can find many types of microfiber towels and cloths. Their variations are given by the percentages of the materials that compose them. For example, they can be 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Although it may seem that they are all the same, the reality is that they have different properties. For example, those sold to clean electronic devices are softer. Also, they are small. For their part, they also sell specific ones for car cleaning.

If it’s a home cleaning that doesn’t require as much finesse, you can choose based on price, design and size. If you’re going to use it to clean the floor, it’s best to have it in a form that can be used with the mop.

The best thing about microfiber is that it’s very versatile. Today there are various tools, as well as towels and cloths. There are brushes and even rags made from the material.

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