Movies every parent should see: All children are special

Each child is a different world, for this reason, You have to know how to interpret their every need. Also, parents need to be clear that not all children develop the same way.

However, many make the mistake of believing that there is one universal parenting method. Therefore, they assume that their children should have the same benefits as the children of their acquaintances.

Similarly, they come to interpret that something is wrong with their children when they are not exactly the same as others. However, they are the ones who make mistakes, because they fail to recognize the abilities of their little ones.

Because of this, movies like All children are special They are ideal for parents to see. In this article we reveal each of the reasons.

The film

The film is about Ishaan, a 9 year old boy who suffers from dyslexia. Therefore, He does poorly in school and cannot successfully perform the same actions that his peers do classy.

As a result of these facts, neither teachers nor parents know what to do to improve their behavior. Likewise, they are very strict with the behaviors he has shown to have.

His parents then decide to send him to a boarding school so he can learn to be disciplined. However, in that place the child continues to have the same behavior.

But a great professor comes in his way and he is interested in helping him. For this reason, carefully analyze the tasks that the child performs and find out about his condition.

Thus it was that he also learned the great skill that the boy had in drawing. In this way, he discovers that it is the best way to help him have effective learning.

The child begins to have good results. It also improves your well-being, because you stop feeling like you’re failing.

The protagonists of the film


This is how the film leaves the great reflection to the parents who not all children are the same. For this reason it is crucial to find out which are the best resources that can be used to enhance learning.

Other than that, knowing that every child has their own skills in which they excel. Therefore, it is important to identify them to help strengthen them as the days go by.

For a child to develop well, it is important to let him be. If parents force him to do something he shouldn’t do, it will confuse him and hurt his mood.

Finally, parents and teachers should always praise the talents each child demonstrates. This way, they motivate them to move forward and be able to achieve all their dreams.

The boy and his teacher

Final reflection

This is how parents should stop comparing their children to others. Well, with that event they will only succeed in not understanding their needs or devoting themselves to taking care of their development.

Also, comparisons make children feel very bad. This is because they come to think that they have none of the virtues their parents emphasize so much in others.

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