My back itches a lot: why?

When the back itches a lot, a symptom appears which is very often ignored and which can also have a significant impact on the quality of life. The motor response to scratching is the one following the itch.

And in turn, scratching can increase the itchy sensation, creating an itch-scratch-itch cycle. However, this itching may subside for 15 to 30 minutes, with the possibility of returning.

Causes of a very itchy back

Itching (pruritus) is the dominant symptom of a wide variety of diseasesfrom inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis to systemic, neurological and autoimmune disorders such as liver or kidney failure, multiple sclerosis or celiac disease.

Itchy back due to dehydration

Xerosis or dry skin by itself is a major cause of itching, especially in seniors. This condition can be made worse by environmental factors, such as cold air, low humidity or central heating.

To combat it, the daily application of a moisturizer rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and moisturizing agents is recommended. Anyway, by suspending product placements it is possible that the symptom will return.

The man scratches his back.
Itchy back can lead to scratching injuries, with the risk of infection.

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psychogenic itching

Psychogenic pruritus is associated with psychological abnormalities and is considered to be psychiatric origin. It usually comes with excessive urges to scratch or pick at the skin, even if at first sight it doesn’t denote problems.

Multiple psychiatric diagnoses lurk behind the disorder. These include depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, somatoform disorders, mania, psychosis, and substance abuse.

Paresthetic notalgia

Notalgia paresthetica refers to an isolated mononeuropathy involving a localized and chronic itching, most often on the skin of the scapula or surrounding regions. Also, it affects the elderly, being twice more common in women than in men.

The constant itching leads to chronic scratching and rubbing of the affected area resulting in a well-circumscribed secondary hyperpigmented patch. This means that the skin tissue changes color in the region where the back feels very itchy.

Should I be concerned if my back itches a lot?

In most cases, when the back itches a lot, the discomfort it generates is greater than the severity it can cause. if the symptom extends for more than two months or the discomfort interferes with your daily routine, you need to see a doctor.

If after implementing hygiene measures, daily moisturizers and dietary changes, the itching persists, this is another good reason to see a specialist. It is assumed that the basic indications should be able to control most of the usual causes.

Another warning sign to keep in mind is when the itchy back spreads to multiple areas of the body. or when new accompanying symptoms begin to appear. Here we are referring to lack of strength, fever or weight loss.

How to control itching?

Treating pruritus is often an unsatisfactory endeavor for both patient and physician. This is because the number of different causes suggest it the approach will be quite varied and not always effective.

Skin hydration when the back itches a lot

Patient education is the most important thing in this type of condition. The person will have to live with the sign for a long time, so she must learn and get to know it in detail. Since dry skin makes things worse, it is advisable to keep the skin hydrated by applying delicate emollientslike petroleum jelly, several times a day.

People with severe itchy back should avoid hot baths and showers and use only mild soaps. By taking these steps, they can reduce dry skin and decrease cycles itch-scratch.

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Hygienic measures

As the doctor investigates the etiology of the itching, the ideal is to keep the nails clean and short. If you need to scratch, do it gently with the palm of your hand so as not to injure the skin.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and always opt for cotton clothing on synthetic and woolen fabrics it is something simple that contributes to the relief. In this way the stimuli on the back are reduced so as not to trigger itching attacks.


Itching can be caused by certain chemicals such as histamine, prostaglandins, proteases and substance P. Therefore, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods are not recommendedbecause they would trigger the release of histamine.

The woman scratches her back.
Certain chemicals are involved in generating the itching, so diet can help soothe it.

When to see a doctor if my back itches a lot?

Given the intense itching, subsequent scratching may cause secondary injury requiring evaluation by a specialist doctor. Skin bacteria can enter through wounds and cause an infection.

The first line of treatment will always be sanitation, dietary changes, and daily hydration. However, if the itching continues despite him having them, you should go to the doctor so that he is the one to prescribe any antihistamines or other oral medications.

Itching is a common symptom seen in various skin conditions and systemic disorders. like pain, Back itch is subjective. It depends on each person how he perceives it and how bad it is.

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