My child swallowed an object: what to do in this situation

My child swallowed an object what to do in this

Has your child ever swallowed an object and you didn’t know what to do? Whether you have already gone through the experience or not, it is convenient for you to start learning about first aid techniques and how to do them correctly.

In the event of a choke, every second counts and it is essential to both act quickly and safely in what you are doingwhile the medical assistance service arrives on site.

Let’s delve into this topic.

Why should you learn to fix this situation?

According to data from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics 4 out of 10 accidental deaths in children under one year of age are due to drowning caused by a foreign body. Similarly, choking on objects is more common in boys under 5 years of age.

However, the problem is accentuated above all in children of two years of age. Obviously, nobody wants to go through this adverse situation. However, we must be prepared to deal successfully with this possibility.

Risk situations

According to statistics, it has been reported that, Between 60 and 80% of cases, the objects that cause obstruction are food or small objects, such as nuts, peanuts, food scraps, marbles and others.

29% of deaths are due to balloons, as they adhere to the airways causing obstruction

Eviction maneuvers in children

If your child has swallowed an object, but coughing is insufficient, as in the previous case, the following procedure should be followed.

  1. 5 quick and moderately strong blows should be delivered to the back.
  2. Later, due to his condition, abdominal thrusts can be performed (Heimlich maneuver).
  3. To do this, the rescuer must stand behind the child.
  4. Then put your arms under your armpits and place a fist with thumb flexed in in the area between the ribs (epigastric), above the navel.
  5. Subsequently, the other hand will be placed on the fist to apply pressure and forcing the object to change position within the child.
  6. In this phase it is necessary to observe if the little one is coughing, breathing and if it is possible to remove the object from the mouth.
  7. Otherwise it is necessary to repeat the maneuver while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

The best measure is prevention

Facing dangerous situations requires preparation and calm. While it is important to know first aid procedures if your child has swallowed an object, it is best to prevent such incidents.

Because of this children should be prevented from engaging in any activity with objects in their mouths; or playing with small or detachable objects or toys.

As for the food, it is suggested that they are adapted according to the age of the child. For example, nuts should be avoided until age 4 or 5.

Likewise, it is recommended to teach little ones to chew slowly and properly during meals, which includes laughing or talking at the same time.

Remember, if your child has swallowed an item, remain calm, induce a cough, and call 911 immediately.

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