Nankurunaisa, one of the most beautiful words in the world

In recent years we have seen how Japanese culture has broken down the borders of the archipelago. His disciplined work, his traditions, his audiovisual productions, his Kabuki theatre, manga, anime and his love of video games are now known all over the world. Today we talk about nakurunaisadefinitely one of the most beautiful Okinawan words in the world.

If you are a fan of Kabuki theater, manga, anime or video games marketed in the Japanese country, surely you have heard it more than once. It is a word that has been exported quickly, also because its meaning is very philosophical or transcendental. Let’s see how we can translate it and what cultural tradition it exemplifies.

What does nankurunaisa mean?

The word nankurunaisa is a mantra of hope
When you want to think and trust in a promising future, especially after difficult times, speak up nakurunaisa comes to mind for many people.

The word nakurunaisa is a mantra of the Okinawan language. It is a language spoken on Okinawa and other outlying islands such as Tonaki, Aguni, Kerama or Kumejima. First of all you must know that it is a very old expression, the one that according to the researchers has the following meaning:

“Never forget who you are and live for today and tomorrow, never forget to smile no matter how awful your day was and remember the next day the sun will greet you with a big smile so do the same “

As you can see, its translation is very complex and spiritual, this is because it is a mantra that summarizes part of the philosophical translation of the island country. This is its complete translation, although it has been cut out over time and is sometimes only interpreted as: “Eventually, everything will work out.”

Often the mantra is quoted alongside the formula makutosoke. when that’s how it’s done makuto soke nakurunaistranslate as: “If you do the right thing, the real thing, everything will be fine”. It expresses the culture, personality and values ​​of Okinawans.

Is nankurunaisa a philosophy of life?

The nankurunaisa mantra is good for reflection
Anyone who wishes can adopt the mantra nakurunaisa in their daily life when they reflect and meditate.

As with other words, as with thoughtless, nakurunaisa it has become a whole philosophy in the Japanese tradition. Many associate this mantra with a positive attitude, but the truth is that its value goes beyond the bounds of optimism.

In fact, this short expression summarizes many ideas and concepts at once, especially if we consider its complete translation. Let’s see what ideas they hide behind that allow many to consider it a whole philosophy of life:

  • Authenticity: nakurunaisa it’s a mantra that motivates you to be authentic. It reminds you of who you are, what you stand for, where you’re from, what you’ve achieved, what your values ​​are, and why you live. All of this should set the course for your life.
  • Trust: Perhaps the most important aspect of the Japanese term is found in self-confidence. Based on your authenticity, you need to be confident in what you do or what you expect. It is confidence that allows you to achieve success and happiness.
  • Perseverance: Hand in hand with your authenticity and confidence, you will be able to strengthen a persevering attitude. Every day you encounter obstacles, but it is perseverance that allows you to overcome them. Without perseverance there is no triumph and yes, many failures.
  • Live the present and the future: Finally, nakurunaisa it teaches you that you must live with one foot in the present and the other in the future. You should always live in today, but remembering that tomorrow will come sooner or later. This is how you control your destiny and your life.

For all these ideas, we do not hesitate to rank this term as one of the most beautiful words in the world. It gives you the strength to find yourself again, to have faith and hope in your abilities, to persevere through difficult times and never anchor yourself in a temporary space.

It is on par with other Japanese expressions such as shoganai (for something that can’t be avoided, it’s not your fault), aware (to refer to a brief, ephemeral and beautiful moment of nature) o wabi-sabi (find beauty in imperfection). All of these have deep meanings which cannot be translated with a single word in most languages.

Finally, remember that nakurunaisa it’s a mantra. Although it did not originate as such, over time people have used it in this sense. A mantra is an expression with great psychological or spiritual influence. If you wish, you can use it to meditate, to relax or simply assimilate its ideas as a philosophy of life.

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