Nursing tendonitis

Mothers can perform some daily activities that can cause tendonitis in some areas of the body, such as the hands, shoulders or heels. nursing tendonitis It is very common due to the bad postures that the mother can adopt when breastfeeding her baby..

Tendonitis is a inflammation or irritation that occurs in the tendonsfibers that hold muscles and bones together. The tendons are responsible for sending the energy produced by the muscles to move a joint.

Factors causing tendonitis while breastfeeding

Pain generated by tendonitis it starts with a slight discomfort that you don’t pay attention to. Over time, the discomfort worsens and only when the joint is unable to move does the person realize that something is wrong.

Poor postures while carrying the baby are usually the main cause of tendonitis during breastfeeding. Mothers adopt unnatural positions because we think the baby will be more comfortable than her.

They also often hold the baby with one arm, placing him on the side of the body and twisting the wrist like a spoon, which causes pain in the shoulder, back, hip and wrist.

Breastfeeding lying on the couch or in bed without adequate support is another bad position that mothers often adopt. Similarly, the repetitive movements and carrying the baby many hours a day end up causing discomfort.

symptoms of tendonitis

In most cases, this condition affects only one part of the body at a time. The first symptoms are simple discomforts that mothers cannot determine exactly.

Types of tendonitis

There are several types of tendonitis, but the one most associated with breastfeeding is wrist tendonitis.

de Quervain tenosynovitis (or wrist).

de Quervain tenosynovitis makes wrist movement difficult. Is the result of wrong and excessive displacement of the tendon located in the thumb. It is generated by repeated pressure of the thumb when moving the wrist.

This condition develops in most women after pregnancy. The first indication they have is pain or swelling in the wrist, near the thumb, especially when they repeatedly perform a movement.

It also develops while performing activities such as gardening, writing, gearing things up, finely detailed crafts, playing video games, or excessive texting.

Calcific tendinitis or biceps tendonitis

Although it is less frequent, this disorder can also affect the period of breastfeeding. Located in front of the shoulder is the biceps tendon which helps flex the elbow and shoulder forward, as well as rotate the forearm.

Inflammation of this tendon It can occur when carrying the child or a heavy object and the voltage is not distributed which runs throughout the body. The symptom is pain in front of the shoulder which may be reflected in the elbow and forearm.

Diagnosis of de Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Seeing a specialist is the best option for diagnose this condition and receive the treatment that needs to be followed. But if you want to determine for yourself that the pain you are feeling is de Quervain’s tenosynovitis, before your doctor visit, perform the following test:

Holding the thumb with the rest of the fingers of the affected hand, make a fist. Then, lower your wrist as far as possible. If you have tendonitis, you will feel an unmistakable pinch. It also tends to hurt with any movement, however simple it may be.

Treatments for tendonitis

There are several types of bandage.

It makes sense to follow the advice given by the specialist, although this type of condition is usually treated with plenty of rest. It is very helpful to treat pain by applying cold compresses at least 2 times a day. This will help relieve inflammation.

Bandaging the area with a cuff (the kind that covers the palm of the hand with a splint) that restricts movement is very helpful in these cases.

If you decide to take pain relievers, consult your doctor first. Remember that anything you consume while breastfeeding will also be ingested by your baby. Therefore, confirm with your doctor what is best for you. Also, try not to put too much effort and take care of your lifestyle.

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