People have been attracted to gambling since ancient times. This was an activity that many people chose to enjoy themselves, but it was the Italians who invented the world’s first casino, in the spectacular city of Venice, a place that can still be visited today.

Casinos began to know their first heyday in the 19th century, while the 20th century took full advantage of technological developments and became imposing, colorful places that attract millions of people eager to have fun.

In parallel, the online gaming industry also developed, and casinos began to be a way for more and more people to have fun. Including in our country we have access to numerous legal online casinos operated by brands with decades of experience behind them, but also newer ones.

Word Origins “Casino”

It comes from the Italian language and refers to a country house. With the suffix “ino”, it is understood that it refers to a house smaller than an ordinary one. This is because, in the early days, gambling was often practiced in private clubs or cabins.

For this reason, among the first casinos were in the form of a dance or music hall. It took some time to reach the casinos that have become real works of art, such as those built in the 19th century, or the imposing ones from the 20th century.

The researchers also discovered another unusual detail. Casino (sometimes spelled cassino) is also a card game, played by two to four players, who try to get all 52 cards. It is believed that the origin of the game is somewhere in the East in the 17th century.

Other reasons why the word “Casino” is used

If nowadays those who say the word Casino think of the games that can be found in such a location, it is worth mentioning that it has other uses. For example, Casino is also a very popular Cuban dance dating back to the 1950s. It is similar to salsa dancing and has influences from old Cuban dances including son, danzon, cha-cha-cha and mambo.

Moreover, Casino is also a city in New South Wales, Australia, which has a population of just over 10 thousand inhabitants. It is located approximately 726 kilometers from Sydney and 228 kilometers from Brisbane. It began to be populated in 1840, when the pastor George Robert Stapleton together with an associate settled here and initially gave it the name Cassino, after the Italian town of the same name. In fact, the two towns are actually twinned.

The first casino in the world dates back to 1638

The first casino in the world was established in 1638, in Venice. Back then, only guests wearing hats and three-cornered masks were allowed inside the casino, which is housed in a palace with gorgeous architecture.

Currently, the casino location is Ca Vendramin Calergi palace, a building completed in the early 16th century by the architect Mauro Condussi, who brought the classical Renaissance style to Venice. Construction took 28 years, and the palace has three floors and direct access to the Grand Canal.

The Casino in Venice is still available to visitors, who have the opportunity to enjoy table games and slots. The dress code has been relaxed a bit, but beachwear is not allowed. There are also two highly rated restaurants inside the casino.

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