Parquet: advantages and disadvantages

There are various types of flooring to install in your home. Among these are tiles, concrete, ceramics, synthetic slabs, marble and wood. However, those in parquet are among the most outstanding, due to their authenticity and aesthetics.

Parquet is a floor that It is made up of several layers of natural wood and is more than 2.5 millimeters thick. In addition, it is characterized by being made with the most powerful types of wood, such as oak, maple, pine, walnut or mahogany.

Advantages of parquet

parquet floors They are highly desired because they provide multiple benefits.. With this in mind, the main benefits of him are mentioned below.

They bring great beauty

The parquet has a varnish coating, so it’s a brilliant floor with perfect finishes. Because of this, it brings ample luminosity to the space and is welcoming. It radiates warm tones.

In addition to this, parquet is a floor that has surprising versatility, as it can be found in different colors and designs. For this reason it can be easily combined with all furnishing styles and adapts to both classic and elegant environments.

They are easy to clean

The layer of varnish that the parquet also has acts as a protective element that helps prevent the accumulation of dirt in excess. It is therefore a floor that does not require major interventions to preserve its order.

In addition, cleaning is easy because a broom or vacuum cleaner is enough to remove dust. More stubborn stains can be removed with basic products, such as water, vinegar and a soft cloth.

It is important to keep in mind that when cleaning parquet floors, never use rough elements, as they can cause noticeable scratches.

Floor cleaning.
The parquet floor is relatively easy to clean, even if its maintenance requires dedication.

It acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator

Wood is one of the most recommended materials for use in construction and homeware making because it works like thermal insulation. In this way, parquet floors are ideal because they allow the temperature to always be balanced and the space to remain cool.

This material is also recognized for its ability to serve as a soundproofing . It is therefore an alternative that manages to reduce the impact of external noise.

It is a resistant floor

One of the main characteristics of natural wood is that It is an element that has a high degree of firmness and resistance.. For this reason, specialists state that the duration of a parquet can vary between 20 and 30 years of useful life.

However, for it to reach that time it is essential to buy quality wood, carry out regular cleaning and prevent the floor from coming into contact with aggressive products or climatic factors.

Disadvantages of parquet

Like the rest of the floors, parquet It has some drawbacks that are important to be aware of.. These disadvantages are mentioned below.

It’s a more expensive option

Parquet is usually a more expensive alternative than the others, as it retains the natural properties of the wood and provides a luxurious aesthetic image.

In addition to this, the parquet floors they require a higher budget because they must be installed by a professional to be able. You need to level the ground so that the wood looks fine and even.

It can be affected by the sun’s rays and humidity

parquet floors They are susceptible to direct sunlight hitting them.. This factor can very quickly wear down the luster of the wood and alter the original tones.

On the other hand, it can also be damaged by moisture. Excess water seeps inside, gradually weakening the material and causing irreparable stains.

can be scratched

Wood is a material that can have scratches when exposed to sharp and rough objects. Because of this, it is likely to be affected by heel stomping and cleaning with rustic towels or machines.

It’s noisy

Wood is a material that always makes a sound when it receives an impact. Therefore, in this type of terrain footsteps get louderespecially when wearing shoes with a heavy platform.

Types of parquet.
The wood of the parquet floor allows for different variations of color and tone, which give it versatility for the rooms.

Other characteristics of the parquet

One of the most important characteristics of parquet floors is that they are a renewable material. AS, over time they can be polished to eliminate imperfections and make them look like new again.

Parquet floors are made up of 4 layers. The first is where the paints are applied; the second is a solid wood board that provides color and pattern; the third is the one that provides stability; and the fourth is a coating that protects the floor from deformation.

How to install a parquet floor?

The first thing to do before laying parquet is to remove the old paint, fix any damage to the floor and level it until it has no imperfections. This aspect is essential for the wood to be well consolidated and provide unbeatable aesthetics.

After that, you need to draw a diagram of the location where each sheet will be placed, apply quality glue to the surface and go and arrange each of the chosen wooden planks.

Finish, it is necessary to wait a minimum of 24 hours before being able to sand the laid floor and begin to transit without any inconvenience throughout the space. Already considering this as an option for your home?

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