Physical activity after childbirth: where to start

After the baby is born, most women worry about getting their figure back. Therefore, after some rest, many begin to inquire about how to start exercising after giving birth.

While adopting a vigorous exercise routine is not recommended, it is possible to start moving your body with low-impact activities. Also, at present there are new proposals that take into account the mother’s recent physical state.

Of course, it is essential to take into account the medical opinion, as there are cases where a longer recovery period is required. However, in general, almost all of them can be exercised gradually from the first few weeks.

When to start exercising after giving birth?

What is the best time of day to exercise

The general recommendation for starting physical activity after childbirth is to wait for authorization from your doctor or midwife. The professional can suggest simple stretching exercises for the first few days after delivery.

Likewise, may advise waiting until the 6-week postpartum checkup Assess physical condition. In case of cesarean section and difficult deliveries, there are likely to be restrictions and special care.

When women have been physically active during their pregnancy and have a normal vaginal delivery, they can start light exercise within a few days. Chosen routines should be implemented graduallyfor which it is necessary to avoid excessive efforts.

With what exercises can you start physical activity after childbirth?

Once the obstetrician gives permission, mothers can start exercising after delivery. The ideal is to have the supervision of a personal trainer, who can measure the intensity of your activities and correct any errors. What to start with?

Aerobic outings with the child

exercise and baby

Having a baby shouldn’t be an excuse not to exercise. In fact, today there are customized groups that provide aerobic workouts for new mothers. Activities include brisk wheelchair walks and strength exercises.

For its practice we recommend the use of comfortable shoes and clothes and a toy so that the child remains calm. It’s also a good idea to breastfeed before you start so there are no interruptions.


Many women choose to join the practice of spherodynamics long before I had the baby. This discipline is the one that works with inflatable balls of different sizes. The elasticity of these elements decreases the impact of weight and prevents pain.

Thanks to the instability that its shape gives it, it helps to work on balance and muscle tone. At the same time, It is useful for keeping the spine aligned and correcting incorrect postures. Above all, it is accompanied by breathing exercises to increase relaxation.

Pelvic floor exercises

Any postpartum physical activity plan should incorporate exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. Although some have practiced them since pregnancy, they must be maintained in postpartum routines.

Since the muscles surrounding the pelvic area weaken during childbirth, it is essential to strengthen them. This not only reduces the possible pain, but also increases vaginal tone and decreases the risk of urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction. Some options are:

  • Kegel exercises.
  • Leg lift.
  • crunches v.
  • Vertical scissors.
  • Squats or squats.

Pilates method

The routines suggested in the pilates method They are ideal for starting physical activity after childbirth. These programs combine slow, localized, low-intensity exerciseswhich help to recover the line by balancing mental health.

Although some movements require more physical effort, there are suitable alternatives for new mothers. In addition, they are ideal for shaping the figure and promoting relief in the pelvic and abdominal area.

Does postpartum physical activity affect breastfeeding?

There is no way. In fact, it can be useful. The important thing is to ensure good hydration between each activity, as lack of fluids can have a negative effect on milk production. However, exercises that can cause breast pain or tenderness are not recommended.

To avoid inconvenience it is recommended that you wear a sports bra and breastfeed your baby before starting. These simple habits prevent that feeling of heaviness in the chest that sometimes decreases performance.

What are the warning signs of excessive physical activity after childbirth?

It is very important to follow the advice to implement exercise routines in a gradual and moderate way. Exercising too much after giving birth can cause many negative health reactions. The most common are the following:

  • Changes in vaginal discharge, which becomes more red and abundant.
  • Recurrence of vaginal bleeding that had already stopped.
  • Muscle or joint pain when performing certain movements.
  • Feeling tired and weak.
  • Acceleration of heart rate at rest.

Are you ready to start exercising after giving birth? Keep all of these tips in mind. Also, if what you want is to lose weight, remember to supplement it with a balanced, calorie-controlled diet. However, if you have any doubts about it, it is advisable to contact your trusted doctor for advice on the matter.

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