Possible psychological effects of pornography

Porn yes or porn no? There are many doubts about the consumption of pornography and its psychological effects. These doubts arise on the basis of several factors: what is shown could be violence, the potential for addiction, changes that can be generated individually or as a couple.

On the other hand, there are those who point out that pornography allows one to free oneself and rediscover oneself. Getting to know each other, thanks to the anonymity of the platforms and the fact that it is possible to do it individually.

Rather than being completely for or against, it’s about seeing the nuances. In this note we will do it from the psychological effects that pornography generates. Let’s see a little more.

What motivates the consumption of pornography?

If we are to think about what motivates people to consume pornography, we will say that there are as many reasons as there are individuals. A wide range of options opens up; from curiosity and interest in exploring different experiences to shyness and introversion when relating to others.

How can it influence behavior?

Returning to the previous idea, when we talk about controlled consumption there are no negative consequences. We are agents of our actions and able to choose when to start and when to stop. The problem occurs when it becomes a compulsive behavior that interferes with our daily functioning.

Now, to explain when that’s a problem, let’s just think. Like any activity that gives us pleasure, certain substances (dopamine and glutamate) are produced in the brain, which are responsible for allowing us to enjoy ourselves, connect with the pleasant experience and then remember it.

Naturally, the brain has a great capacity for learning. For what he will then try to repeat that experience.

Here you will run into a difficulty. Not all stimuli are created equal, so it is possible to resort to pornography again to achieve the same levels of pleasure.

On the other hand, as also happens with all stimuli, at a certain point you get used to it. In other words, to reach the previous levels of pleasure and enjoyment, more will be needed. Could be more time exposed to pornography.

The man watches pornography.
The checkpoint is on the person consuming pornography. It’s about knowing how to quit and not turn it into an addiction.

What are some psychological effects of pornography?

Everything will depend on the level of consumption to evaluate the effects of pornography on a psychological level. If consumption is persistent and is the only means by which we experience sexuality, then there will be problems.

Some of the harmful consequences are as follows:

  • Impact on self-esteem, compared to what was seen.
  • Difficulty in sexually emotional bonding with other people.
  • Situations of erectile dysfunction or difficulty reaching orgasm in any other way may arise.
  • Gender stereotypes are reinforcedas in general pornography places women in denigrated positions or as sexual objects.
  • In some cases, having more demand for pornography, one falls into the hard porn, which is one where a mixture of sex and violence is presented. What is starting to worry is that eroticize violence and this translates into daily links. This deserves close attention in adolescent users.

However, as we have already pointed out, pornography can be considered a tool of self-awareness. allows to trial without feeling too exposed. It also has a positive use for stress release.

What can be done when the consumption of pornography affects us?

When we feel that our pornography consumption is getting out of hand and we feel like we want to stop, but we can’t, it is advisable to seek professional help. We will find out if the effects of pornography begin to affect other areas.

For example, if we neglect our personal appearance because we stay up all night watching movies and erotic scenes. Or when we make excuses not to attend social gatherings because we want to see more porn.

That is, concern and help must appear when pornography becomes the axis of life. In this sense, we are talking about a situation with another complexity, which is pornography addiction.

Addiction to pornography.
Pornography addiction is identified when the daily patterns of life are altered by wanting to view porn.

It’s not pornography, it’s its use

Before concluding, it is important to clarify two things: the pornography market and its use. In relation to the first point, we could not classify the people’s desire. Everyone finds pleasure and has desires and fantasies through different ideas, images and practices.. Therefore, if pornography allows the imagination to be released, it is welcome.

Now, as a point to review is the type of pornography we are talking about. It will be convenient for us to question what is being offered, be mindful in choosing and avoid those scenes of degradation for women.

Also, you have to be careful not to believe that you have to reproduce what happens in the scenes. Not everyone is interested in the same thing.

The important thing is to register the person with whom we have relations and be part of it Ask what he likes, what he wants, what he expects. Keep in mind that sometimes the scenes are exaggerated and do not correspond to reality.

Nor is it about stigmatizing those who consume pornography or access it as a means to experience pleasure. Let’s think of it as a whole, considering not only who looks at it, but also the market that produces it. Maybe a psychosocial approach to it it allows us to find less partial and more enriching answers.

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