Prediabetes diet: allowed and forbidden foods

The prediabetes diet is a balanced meal plan that combines a variety of healthy foods low glucose levels in patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It is a regime in which meals need to be redesignedsince some products of usual consumption contain components that can cause an excessive accumulation of sugar in the blood.

What must be considered?, What are the most appropriate foods? Don’t worry, below we will talk about how to make a good diet for prediabetes.

What is prediabetes

prediabetes it is a condition where blood sugar levels are above what is considered normalbut not enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

The exact causes are unknown, although family history and genetics play a role. In affected people, the process of insulin secretion and glucose entry into cells does not work well.

For this reason glucose builds up in the bloodstream and its values ​​are higher than what is considered normal. The failure may be due to:

  • Insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas.
  • The cells become resistant to insulin and do not allow all the glucose to enter.

There are also some risk factors that predispose to the development of prediabetes: weight, waist size, age, type of diet, physical inactivity, gestational diabetes or tobacco.

Even if you don’t develop diabetes, it’s important to pay attention to it and take the necessary steps to regulate blood sugar levels. Both health issues have been linked to long-term negative effects on the body:

  • high blood pressure and high cholesterol;
  • heart disease, stroke;
  • nerve damage;
  • kidney disease;
  • fat liver;
  • eye problems.

Lifestyle is the main way to keep blood sugar under control and prevent disease progression. In some cases it may be necessary to take medicines, but it is always the doctor who prescribes them according to the personal situation.

Allowed and forbidden foods in prediabetes

Anyone can benefit from a prediabetes diet, whether or not they are at high risk for any form of diabetes. Diabetes mellitus. Changes in diet and lifestyle allow us to reduce the risk of ending up suffering from this disease.

Although patients with high blood sugar must follow a number of medical guidelines, the main factor to avoid complications is to improve their diet 100%. For this reason, it is convenient to learn to differentiate between beneficial foods for glucose control than those that may be harmful.

Foods allowed in the prediabetes diet

The diet for prediabetes is varied
Some of the most beneficial foods for people with prediabetes are easily accessible.

The best foods to control high glucose levels in the case of prediabetes are those with a low glycemic index. These provide fiber, protein and essential fatty acids.

A prediabetes diet menu can include foods such as:

  • Abundant vegetables and fruit, meeting the recommendation of 5 servings per day. Its consumption should be varied, avoiding options with a lot of fat or added sugar. Both groups of ingredients are well known for their protective effects against cardiovascular problems and diabetes.
  • Sources of unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, avocados or olives.
  • Foods that provide proteins: white meats (chicken, turkey or rabbit), oily fish, white fish, eggs.
  • Legumes: they are very useful due to the high presence of fibers and slow absorption carbohydrates. In the diet for prediabetes it is better to choose them more frequently and thus reduce animal protein sources.
  • Dairy products: milk, yogurt and cheeses. Contrary to what was thought some time ago, it seems that it is not essential to choose skimmed dairy products. However, it is necessary to limit those with added sugars and cheeses with a lot of salt.
  • Whole grains and all their derivatives (bread, pasta, breakfast flakes). These keep the fiber and other nutrients from the whole grain.

Prohibited foods in the prediabetes diet

To better manage blood glucose levels, improve quality of life and also slow down or avoid potential complications it is advisable to minimize or eliminate some foods.

Keep in mind that there is no point in adding healthy ingredients if you continue to consume too many refined carbohydrates, sugars and other unwanted products.

Some of the foods and drinks to avoid are:

  • Red meats, sausages and other types of processed meats.
  • Dairy products with a high percentage of fat such as cream or butter. The mere fact of replacing them with olive oil significantly improves the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  • Alcoholic and soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices.
  • Foods with a large amount of sodium such as: aged cheeses, sausages, cured meats and other types of preserves.
  • Foods made with refined flours (bread, pasta, breakfast cereals).
  • Fast food and processed foods such as ready meals, sauces, pastries, chocolates (less than 70% cocoa).

Menus that can be included in a prediabetes diet

When a person receives a positive diagnosis of prediabetes, the doctor usually makes some adjustments to the diet in order to prevent progression to diabetes.

For this reason, relevant aspects such as age, weight, state of health and, of course, previous pathologies are usually taken into consideration.

It is normal for menus to vary from person to person, depending on your needs. However, below we share some options that can serve as a model for planning your diet.


  • Wholemeal bread with olive oil, cottage cheese or yogurt and an orange.
  • Fruit salad, oatmeal and nuts.
  • Wholemeal bread, tomato slices and boiled egg.

Mid morning and snacks

  • 1 fruit with a handful of nuts.
  • Yogurt with fruit.
  • Fresh cheese with fruit.
  • Whole grain bread with olive oil, dark chocolate (in moderation), avocado or roasted bell pepper.


  • Vegetable stew, baked fish with medium potatoes.
  • Lean meat, green salad with avocado.
  • Chickpeas sautéed with spinach and pine nuts.


  • Grilled fish with steamed vegetables.
  • Vegetable broth and lentil salad.
  • Pumpkin puree and scrambled egg with prawns.
Maintaining variety in your diet is essential.
You can eat more meals a day to avoid hunger and nourish the body at the same time.

For dessert, the best thing is a natural yogurt with no added sugar or a piece of fresh fruit.

More healthy habits for managing prediabetes

As we have seen, prediabetes can often be controlled through a change in diet and daily routine. For this, the diet must be accompanied by other habits.

In the first place it is worth noting exercise. You need to maintain an active life, combining intense sports with moderate activity. This helps maintain body weight, regulate blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

It is also important to check for other related factors such as obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. If the medical team recommends it, you must take the prescribed medications.

Finally, it is also essential to avoid tobacco since it Education have suggested that smoking causes reduced insulin sensitivity. This could be caused by nicotine, as it stimulates substances that don’t have a good impact on insulin, such as growth hormone, catecholamines and cortisol.

Try the prediabetes diet for better health

Including recommended foods and avoiding those that are not recommended is a first step in managing prediabetes. Positive dietary and lifestyle habits can go a long way in controlling the disease and preventing its progression.

However, Keep in mind that recommendations may vary for each patient whether in terms of quantity, recommended frequencies, or the desirability of including or eliminating more specific foods.

If you have any questions about how to follow a balanced diet according to your needs, consult your doctor or nutritionist. Both professionals will be able to help you.

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