Pregnant in the summer, how to deal with high temperatures?

We are in the middle of summer, a heat wave in most of the country. Most of us spend it how we can, but it’s true during pregnancy, high temperatures are worse. What can a pregnant woman do in the summer to better tolerate the heat?

Next, we’ll give some tips and tricks so that pregnant women can face the months when the thermometer is at its peak:

How to bear the heat if you are pregnant in the summer?

There are some tricks that could help you to better face pregnancy in the summer. Naturally, none of these replaces the indications that a professional can offer us.

During pregnancy in the summer: hydrate well

During pregnancy it is important to stay hydrated. It is best to consult your doctor what is the amount of water that should be consumed in each case. In both cases, it is recommended to drink a little more than usual due to weight gain and that of energy intake in the later stages of pregnancy.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, water is essential to produce the fluid that surrounds your pregnant baby and to help increase her blood volume. Also, if you experience morning sickness, you will need to drink even more to compensate for the loss of fluids.

Sun protection

Because of hormonal changes it is common for spots to appear on the skin (chloasma, linea alba…), it is important to avoid the central hours of the day and to use sunscreens with a high protection factor, even if the sun does not fall directly on you.

Pregnant applying sunscreen.

dive into the water

If you are lucky enough to be near the sea or the swimming pool, it can be good to go swimming for a while. You can swim and take the opportunity to get some exercise, or just stay in the water and get some exercise. When submerged, the joints move freely, and the weight of the abdomen due to the growth of the uterus and the baby will be better.

You will feel relief even if you suffer from back pain or discomfort. Furthermore, surely when you get out of the water you will notice less swollen legs. Of course, don’t stay in a wet swimsuit for a long time, as there may be a risk of vaginal or urinary infection.

Lymphatic drainage

If you notice tired or swollen legs, contact a physiotherapist for a lymphatic drainage massage. Probablyyour legs will feel much lighter and you can put your shoes back on.

What to do if I go on a trip?

If you are pregnant in the summer and plan to travel and go on vacation, these are the tips you can take into consideration:

  • Ask the airline until what week they allow you to travel. Sometimes they ask you for a document from the obstetrician or gynecologist specifying that yours is a low-risk pregnancy and the weeks of gestation. If you’re doing it by car, stop every two hours at the latest and get out of the car to move around a bit.
  • Take your pregnancy reports with you to your vacation spot.
  • Be careful if you eat at a beach cafe or have a picnic in the countryside or by the sea. It is important to prevent possible food poisoning.
  • Get moderate exercise as it is important that you stay fit throughout your pregnancy. Exercise helps drain water retention and maintain pelvic mobility. However, some precautions are in order, such as avoiding peak heat hours, staying well hydrated, and listening to your body. Finally, a piece of advice, avoid all sports that affect the pelvic floor.
Pregnant ready to travel in summer.

And above all, keep in mind that even if these are difficult months, it will be worth it. Carry out the activities that make you feel better, always with caution, and put the advice we have given you into practice. Obviously, Don’t hesitate to see your doctor if you think you have a problem. Rejoice!

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