Promising cancer therapy: Tumors attack themselves

Cancer is one of the aggressive diseases causing the highest number of deaths worldwide. Because of this, Over the years the scientific community has worked tirelessly to find effective treatments.

A group of scientists from the University of Zurich has pooled knowledge and created an innovative therapy. The novelty of this new treatment is that the cancerous tumors are able to kill each other.

What the team of specialists did was modify a adenovirus, an infectious virus that attacks the respiratory tract. that way, Through the alteration, they managed to generate antibodies that focus on attacking the tumor directly.

The modified genes that enter the body manage to drive the cytokines and each of the attacking agents towards the condition. Following this, the cancer cells themselves begin to generate tumor-fighting antibodies.

For this reason, scientists have argued that with this treatment it is possible to trick the tumor. So much so that attacking agents are gradually being produced which are responsible for eliminating the entire disease.

scientists in the laboratory

One of the most surprising factors of this treatment is that the modified virus enters the body without the immune system triggering any alarms. that way, the antibodies only enter the affected area and do not contaminate any of the healthy cells.

The benefit of this cancer treatment

The technique promoted by scientists at the University of Zurich has fewer side effects than alternatives such as chemotherapy. WELL In this case not all cells are attacked, but the antibodies concentrate on the malignant tumour.

In this way, the patient’s body feels better. This is due to the fact that healthy cells remain intact, do not undergo any alterations or are eliminated together with the pathological ones.

Specialists working on a cancer treatment


The scientists tried the treatment in a group of mice with breast cancer. At the moment, They found that over the days a large number of antibodies began to build up around the affected area.

The working group used 3D visualizations to analyze the effects that the modified gene had within the tumour. AS determined that it was evident that the tumor was beginning to have porosity which caused it to disintegrate.

test on mice


With this test, scientists from the University of Zurich have called this technique a very good option for treating people’s breast cancer. However, they also stated that with the inclusion of additional biologics it could be possible to treat all types of cancer conditions.

Consequently, the researchers aim to continue refining the technique and to propose tests that allow much more effective and promising results.

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