Pumice stone: advantages of its use

The use of pumice stone has become popular due to its multiple benefits. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. This volcanic rock is also known as pumice and its use dates back thousands of years.

Roman engineers, for example, used it as a complement to concrete to create a concrete strong enough to develop their architectural models. In fact, it is still used for these purposes and it is to investigate several ways to improve concrete from its components.

It is such a resistant material that it can be exposed to cold, fire and humidity without being affected.. It is hard and so light that it floats on water. It is characterized by its abrasive power, yet delicate with the skin. Therefore, a large part of its indications are related to cosmetics.

skin benefits

As we have already mentioned, the pumice stone It has become popular due to its gentle applications on the skin. Here we tell you how you can use it at home.

removes hair

Pumice stone is used as a depilation element on any part of the body. Its use as such dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.. These civilizations have mixed this element with ointments and oils of natural origin to depilate and support beauty rituals.

Today, thousands of years later, this stone is still used, whose greatest advantage is that after removing unwanted hair, it leaves the skin soft and renewed. It is important to keep in mind that this practice is not recommended for very dry skin.

On the other hand, you should always have a soap or foam that facilitates the circular movements that must be made to achieve the desired results.

Pumice stone for household use.
Pumice stone can be bought in the market in cheap and practical presentations.

Exfoliate your skin

This stone has abrasive properties that can be used to exfoliate the skin. Also on the market it is possible to find liquid or compact soaps based on pumice powder.

The practice of peeling Artisanal has been used by the Hindu people for the purpose of removing, for one reason or another, the first layer of skin. Considering that the goal is not to hurt her, It is recommended to use the pumice stone wet and together with oils of natural origin.

Smooth out hard areas

The use of pumice is very common in beauty salons. It is usually used to remove thick layers of dead skin such as those that build up on the feet and hands. In addition to removing these calluses, pumice also smoothes these areas.

To obtain the desired results, the area to be exfoliated must be wet, preferably with warm water. Then a soap is applied which allows the stone to glide smoothly. He also gets wet and with soft circular movements the skin that has softened with the water begins to peel off.

Whiten dark areas

Spots in flexor areas, such as the armpits and elbows, are caused by abrasion from shaving with blades, exposure to certain products, and conditions such as inverted pigmented lichen planus.

In cases where a dermatological problem requiring professional attention is excluded, the use of a pumice stone is helpful., whose properties can help remove pigmented skin, kicking off the generation of a new and much clearer dermis. Use it with a little olive oil to enhance the effect.

Dental care

As a personal cover letter it is essential to have clean teeth. Therefore, alternatives have been explored which include the use of this rock in the processes of enamel microabrasion, a dental technique that removes stains or pigmentation from teeth.

Other uses of pumice stone

This rock is so particular that can be used in different areas of daily life. From saving a garment, wearing jeans in a fashion way and cleaning pet hair, to removing dirt and grime from some household utensils.

Remove stains from clothes

Stains on clothes usually appear in areas where there is a lot of friction, either from poor washing or because the material is subject to it. However, you can wet the rock and rub it very carefully on those clothes What do you want to save?

Spread the garment well and with the help of your hands keep it taut while rubbing the stone. It is important to carry out this process calmly and carefully, as we could end up ruining our favorite blouse or pants. Although pumice stone is also very effective if you want to turn boring jeans into trendy ones.

Remove pet hair

If you have pets, you certainly love them with all your heart. But that doesn’t make it comfortable to wear clothes full of hair or have furniture with an extra layer of fur. In these cases this volcanic rock is also very effective. This is because the hairs get trapped in their porosities..

It also applies to cleaning carpets, curtains and car seats. All you have to do is rub it in circular motions on the desired surface. In delicate fabrics you can moisten it to facilitate the process.

Cleans grease buildup from oven

If your oven has filled up with hard grease after several preparations, you can use a pumice stone. Just rub it in a bit, not excessively. Support this process with a little soap or degreaser. Another trick is to rub some baking soda on the oiled surface and then clean with the wet pumice stone.

Remove impurities from the toilet

The toilet ladder annoys us all. Worst of all, not all cleaning products have the ability to remove it completely. In these cases it will be sufficient to wear gloves, moisten the stone in hot water and rub the most affected areas.

For this type of use, you can find several options on the market that have a plastic handle that helps you clean in better conditions.

Using pumice stone at home.
House cleaning can be aided with pumice, especially in bathrooms.

How to clean pumice stone?

Although this stone is characterized by being strong, it is necessary to include a good cleansing routine when using it at home, especially on the skin. This not only extends its service life, but also protects the body.

It is recommended to wash the stone with warm water, use a toothbrush to scrub it and remove any impurities that may be in its pores.. Then it should be washed again with warm water. In addition to this process, it can be sterilized from time to time by immersing it in boiling water for five minutes.

To dry it, place it on a dry cloth and expose it to the sun or outdoors so that it does it naturally. It should never be kept wet, as fungi or bacteria could proliferate.

an economical solution

Pumice stone is a great ally of beauty and cleanliness. It doesn’t hurt to have this product at home, which could get you out of trouble at a very low cost. Another attraction of this volcanic rock is that It is found on the market at very good prices..

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