Radiant look with this eyelash treatment

It is natural to dream of having long, curved and thick eyelashes like those of models, actresses and other celebrities from the entertainment world. Well, it’s not that difficult! You just need to feed and care for them properly. Later we will explain how to get natural and beautiful eyelashes.

What you should know about tabs

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Eyelashes are hairs that grow on the edge of the eyelids. They are formed from follicles that have been associated with the Zeis and Moss glands. Its main functions are protection of the eyeball from ultraviolet rays, dust and bacteria. They are very sensitive to touch and therefore tell us when a foreign object is too close to the eye.

Since ancient times, eyelashes have been considered a symbol of beauty in many cultures. Currently, the cosmetic industry develops products to enhance its color, extension and curves. However, beautiful lashes don’t have to be long and fluffy, just healthy.

Some diseases associated with eyelashes are:

  • Trichiasis: Eyelash growth towards the eyeball.
  • Madarosis: Excessive loss of these hairs.
  • Blepharitis: Irritation of the area of ​​the eyelids where they grow.

Like all other hair on the body, eyelashes fall out on a regular basis. They take 6-7 weeks to emerge, although if they are constantly tugged or pulled, permanent damage can occur. However, diseases such as those mentioned above, a diet low in vitamins and proteins and the use of inappropriate products can cause eyelashes to fall out. If so, it is It is recommended to visit the doctor to determine the real reason.

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Here are some tips and treatments that will explain

How to get beautiful healthy eyelashes?

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There are countless treatments that ensure the growth and increase in volume of eyelashes. However, The best option is to properly care for it and use natural products rich in vitamins. Here are our recommendations.

always remove makeup

The way and the care we put into the we remove makeup and the products we use can affect eyelash growth. Choose a gentle lotion or one enriched with an emollient extract. Do it gently, without pulling them.

brush your lashes

uses a special comb and a few drops of castor oil to promote eyelash growth. Start from base to tip gently. You’ll see the difference in no time.

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Fake eyelashes

Without a doubt, false eyelashes are one of the trendy options, as they give a fan effect to the eyelashes. Just avoid putting them on very frequently, because the glue used may decrease the amount of natural lashes. Never sleep with them as you could damage your eyes or suffer from infections.


It is normal for eyelashes to fall out during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. In this situation, apply the following eyelash oil treatment to restore that perfect look.

Treatment with natural oils

Natural oils nourish and moisturize our eyelashes, restoring their bright color and strength. We recommend combine coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E in the same proportion. Use a cotton ball to apply this mixture to your eyelashes every night. Start at the root, avoiding contact with the eye. Every morning, wash your face normally. In a few weeks you will see a great improvement.

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Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have perfect eyelashes. Start taking care of them today and you’ll see.

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