Reconnective Healing: What is it?

Reconnective Healing is an alternative energy therapy discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl that it is used to treat any health problem.

It can be associated with therapies such as reiki, acupuncture or Bach flowers.

What is reconnective healing

collective relaxation and healing

Reconnective healing is a very special type of therapy that It is made by quantum processes.. A reconnection of the meridians of the body is established with the energy lines of the planet, which connect us with the rest of the universe.

It is an opening to new information where we can interact with our surroundings. It is new, different, real and every person can develop it without any limits.

This revolutionary therapeutic technique helps restore the link that the patient has lost with his vital harmony and emotional balance.

It is usually done in three sessions. It can also be done in just two or even in one: it all depends on the receptivity and evolution of the patient.

Eye movements, impaired breathing, and slight muscle contractions may occur during these sessions.

The healing therapist helps restore the vital balance. Subsequently, a unique process begins in each person, to evolve and integrate the new information acquired in the sessions.

reconnective healing sessions

The sessions are for all people who need to heal any aspect within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels. Even for those cases where it is simply required to balance or order your life.

in therapies there is no contact with the person. In this way the flow of energy is used to unblock the fields that present alterations and do not allow to have a life balance.

Who is Reconnective Healing for?

relaxation of the sides

As we have already indicated, in reconnective healing it is recommended to carry out 1 to 3 sessions. This depends on the situation the person is facing.

Reconnective healing sessions can also be done remotely. They can also be effective on animals or plants. There is no music, incense or other resources in these sessions, and the person does not have to remove any clothing.

It’s just necessary a stretcher, the person and the presence of the healer so that the frequencies act on their own. The sensations are intended to be pure, without the intervention of other means, therefore it is advisable not to use perfume.

Reconnective healing is not intended to completely heal an illness. It tries to be a way to supplement prescribed medical treatments. It also helps patients after they have undergone surgery.

The reconnection

Reconnection, unlike reconnective healing, is only done once in a lifetime, ever since aims to have a wider field and generates more effective changes. This is because the therapy is more intense.

  • Reconnection achieves the fullness of our connection to the universe.
  • To obtain the greatest benefits, it is recommended that the reconnective healing sessions and the reconnection sessions are not mixed after some time from the application of one of the two.

last considerations

Tricks for muscle relaxation

Reconnective healing may not sound all that good, as it doesn’t present valid supports to help a person make a decision about whether or not to try therapy.

The only thing he’s looking for is establish an ideal energy flow in the body, without trying to heal the discomforts This shows.

Those who have applied this type of therapy deduce that it is possible to pass energy from one body to another. Although there are many questions ahead:

  • How do you know if the therapist has stable energy?
  • Does it really work if no tools like scents or sounds are used?

According to its creator, it is possible, although it is not subject to the other already established types of therapy.

The only alternative would be test and then check if there are any positive results Or is it just a myth that will remain unproven.

Reconnection Therapy has no scientific studies to support its procedure and results. However, it has testimonials from patients who have initiated the process, supporting its virtues and results.

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