Repurpose old t-shirts to make these cool crafts

Creative people are able to see incredible uses in even the most mundane objects. In this sense, clothes can be a great alternative. Repurpose old T-shirts and give them new life with the following tips!

All of us have ruined that nice shirt because of bleach. And we can’t forget that other we loved but who, due to life’s upheavals, is too small for us. However, we are reluctant to throw them away. How can you get rid of such a special and symbolic garment?

There is no reason to suffer. Next, we’ll discover some new uses we can give to T-shirts that are no longer we use.

Reuse old shirts for the following crafts

1. Pillow covers

Fabric figures on the cushions

This is a great way to breathe new life into old clothes. You just have to take a pillow, preferably white, and put it on the shirt. Next, cut out a piece of fabric in the shape of a pillow; leave 8 to 10 centimeters on each side.

After that, cut the edges you have left into rectangular strips. This will allow you to join both sides of the cover with a few simple knots.

Reuse old t-shirts to make beautiful pillows that match your sheets, sofa or curtains! The best thing is that it is a very simple technique since you don’t even have to sew.

2. Shopping bags

Have you ever thought that you can make shopping bags out of shirts or T-shirts that you no longer wear? It’s very simple:

  • First of all, cut off the bottom of the garment and reserve that piece of tissue. Next, cut the neck and sleeves too.
  • After, with the piece of fabric that you have reserved, you need to tie the bottom of the shirt. If you know the proper techniques, you can add a seam to the bottom to add strength. However, if you tie it down well, you shouldn’t have any problems carrying light items.

3. Bracelets

Different ways to use your bracelets

With this simple trick, the remains of your shirts can become the next duty of the new season! First, you need to cut strips from the garment. It’s best if it’s more than one color or if you wear more than one shirt, so you can get multi-colored bracelets.

Then, spread out the 3 or 6 strips tightly – this will depend on your ability to weave them later or the width you prefer – and tie a knot or two at one end. You have to hold that same end with a weight object, then proceed to make the braids that will make up the bracelet.

Finish, you can put a magnet on each end and cover it with a fabric cover. If you prefer something simpler, choose to place threads to tie a knot that allows you to fasten the bracelet.

In addition to this use, you can also reuse this type of garment to make rubber bands. Sure, they’ll be informal, but they’ll help you achieve a it seems truly colorful and carefree casual.

4. Carpets

reuse old t-shirts

Yes, your favorite shirt today can become your rug tomorrow. While it may be shocking to you, this fact is actually good news. Many shirts have beautiful designs, so throwing them away would be a complete waste!

To avoid this loss, the idea of ​​reusing old T-shirts to make carpets can be very original. So when guests come home, you’ll become the envy of your friends with that ethnic rug of unknown origin that no one else owns.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Cut off the bottoms of one or more disused shirts.
  2. Without making a final cut, turn it over and continue cutting, just like you’re peeling an orange. There should only be one long strip per shirt.
  3. Stretch them to make them longer and bring all the strips together to tie a knot at one end.
  4. From there, weave the strips together until they’re all together.
  5. Arrange them in a circular way, in the shape of a snail.
  6. Finally, sew them from the center outward, joining each braid to the next.

The power is your mind

The more shirts you wear, the more designs you can make. Remember to vary in terms of colors and models and try to wear shirts that are a bit thick, to obtain greater texture and resistance in the carpet.

As we’ve highlighted here, there’s no reason to get rid of old clothes. With a little ingenuity and patience they can serve many decorative purposes. You know, get to work and…cut!

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