Romania registers almost half of the online sales in Eastern Europe, according to a study prepared by the Center for Market Perspective of the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam at the request of Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce.

In Romania, the turnover of e-commerce was estimated at 6.2 billion euros in 2021, up 11% compared to 2020, and for 2022 the sector is estimated to grow by 13%, up to 7 billion euros.

Thus, sales made in Romania last year represented almost half of the total made in Eastern Europe, estimated at 14 billion euros.

Romania is an e-commerce hub in the region

“The Ecommerce Europe report is a confirmation of the fact that Romania is an e-commerce hub in the region. The e-commerce sector in our country accounts for almost half of the entire e-commerce turnover in Eastern Europe, estimated at 14 billion euros. Through the solutions it has brought to people’s lives in the last two years, e-commerce has fully demonstrated its usefulness, often being the only accessible solution for shopping during restrictions. In these days marked by fuel price hikes and high inflation, e-commerce is once again coming up with a host of services that help people save money and navigate this uncertain context more easily. Major market players have made significant investments in recent years to increase their processing capacity and delivery speed, as well as increase their product range to meet consumer needs. With openness and involvement from all other stakeholders to support the development of the digital economy, we can support more and more SMEs to sell online both within the country and abroad, so that we can see economic growth and prosperity” , said Florinel Chiș, executive director of the Romanian Association of Online Stores, member of Ecommerce Europe.

At the European level, European trade registered a growth of 13% in 2021. Concretely, last year the value of European e-commerce reached 718 billion euros.

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