The Russian Ministry of Defense has accused Ukraine of having executed at least ten prisoners of war, attributing war crimes to the Kiev Administration, while the Ukrainian authorities frequently accuse the Russian military forces of atrocities, according to Reuters.

“These brutal crimes against Russian soldiers are neither the first nor the only ones. They are common practices of the Ukrainian military forces, actively supported by the Kiev regime and ignored by the West,” the Ministry of Defense in Moscow said, according to Reuters. Moscow appears to be referring to footage of prisoners of war allegedly being shot, filmed in the Makiivka area of ​​the Luhansk region, but not independently authenticated.

Moscow denounces the “atrocious character” of the Vladimir Zelensky Administration, and the Russian Investigative Committee has initiated investigations into the case of 11 Russian soldiers who were allegedly executed.

Kiev frequently accuses Russia of war crimes

Ukraine has not responded to the allegations as of press time, but Kiev frequently accuses Russia of war crimes.

The United Nations Human Rights Office announced on Tuesday that both the Russian army and Ukrainian military forces have tortured prisoners during the conflict in Ukraine.

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