Shelves with chairs – an idea that you will love

If you are a person with a curious mind and you like decoration, you will probably surf the internet for hours looking for what is new and trendy at the moment. Did it ever occur to you that you can make shelves out of chairs?

An accessible decoration

Decoration is changing a lot. It is becoming more and more accessible to anyone, whether they buy cheaper furniture or make their own. In fact, on the internet we find practically all the information needed to run them ourselves.

On the other hand, shops are constantly appearing where you can buy decorative items at a very good price, with very beautiful and suggestive products. According to the trends of social networks we can get an idea of ​​what the shops will sell.

We love decorations made by ourselves and, if possible, with little money. This is why today we want to show you a new trend which is to convert objects that have a very marked function and objective something totally different as happens with these shelves with chairs.

It’s a very original option that you can make yourself at home. Though you will need some type of infrastructure and machinery to be able to do it properly. While it sounds simple, it’s more complicated than it sounds. However, like everything, always It will depend on your ingenuity and skill With the hands.

shelves with chairs

You can make shelves out of chairs.

We were amazed by this great idea, place the chairs on the wall and create functional as well as precious shelves.

At first it may be difficult to imagine how something that is designed and intended for people to sit and rest can be hung on the wall and serve as another piece of furniture.

However, there is nothing written inside the decorating rules. Everything will always depend on the ability and imagination of each.

The first idea of ​​hanging chairs on the wall came from a German professor of interior design. This hung several folding chairs to use as a shelf. You can visit their website at the following link.

The choice of these chairs was very good, because as they can be folded, they take up little space and are much more practical.

However, since this event occurred, the internet has been loaded with other bookshelf with chairs designs. Each more original and with a library form with several chairs.

As is the example of Tess Hill, a designer based in Barcelona who has transformed chairs into beautiful shelves, very original and practical at the same time. Because we must not forget it They must continue to play their role.

New trends

Instead we find another type of shelves made not only with chairs, but with combination of tables and chairs.

Bookcases can be built with chairs and tables.

By skillfully stacking the furniture, very attractive structures can be obtained by simply joining them vertically and horizontally. The important thing is to create a good basic structure so that it does not fall and the weight falls on it.

This idea originates from Unita company dedicated to producing this type of construction with Finnish birch plywood.

It has many uses, because in every corner we can use it to store books, records or place candle holders.

As you can see, there are several options for making shelves out of chairs and turning them into very beautiful and original furniture. You can look for different ideas and more trends in terms of decoration so that your home is the envy of everyone.

We spend many hours inside our home, so we have to make an effort to make it a welcoming place where we can share all our experiences with our family.

Ask your friends if they knew about this new trend and if they haven’t heard of it, share it with them so they don’t miss out on this original furniture.

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